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Can 25 Words Change the World?

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Thank you to everyone who participated in the 25 Words that Connect Us Project. It was another amazing example of the power of writing. It was also another challenge to make this one shine as brightly as the words.

Thank you for your wisdom!

You shared thoughts about technology, spirituality, love, playing, friendship, family, relationships, pain, war, suffering, sorrow, selfishness, kindness, empathy, vulnerability, hope, oneness, distance, proximity, intention, synergy, generosity, reciprocity, first contact, listening, service, faith, joy, fun, inspiration, investing, neighbors, networks, diversity, experience, expression, dreams, sharing, humanity, imperfection, interconnection, creativity, living, reaching out and changing the world.

Here’s what you wrote.

25 Words that Connect Us
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I checked twice to be sure I got everyone’s selection. But if I missed you please let me know and I’ll edit and add you in immediately. The 25-word authors are:

Amy Derby
Stacy Lang
Karin H
Chris Brogan
Luke Gedeon
Robert Hruzek
Todd Jordan
Todd Smith
Bob Whaley
Karl Edwards
Mark Salinas
Joanna Young
David Taboada
78% water, 12% caffeine
SpageAgeSage – Lori
Michael VanDervort
Heather Rast
Kelly Erickson
Work Happy Now!
Connected Creativity
Giovanna Garcia
Shadows Edge
Make or Break Moments
Damien Franco

Thanks to everyone who participated by writing or reading!

I’ll be updating this when enough new submissions come through.

And if you missed it . . . 25 Words of Work / Life Wisdom — Pass It On!

–ME “Liz” Strauss
Work with Liz!!


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    The slideshow came out great! It’s nice to see everybody’s ideas together like this. Thanks for asking us to participate!



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    Oh Liz, I love it! You’re the bestest slideshow maker ever. What a big job, being the most creative 25-word-putter-togetherer on the planet. And you DO make it look very breezelike (even though I know first-hand how much time and thought these kind of projects take, and breezelike isn’t the first word that comes to mind). But I’ve gotta say, you really did make this a connectifying project, because I feel more connected to these folks now (even the few I didn’t know before), being glued together in the lizaverse slideshow with them and all. :-) But, um, what happened to all of YOURS??

  3. says

    Hi Amy,
    I made two new ones for this slideshow, just as I did for the last one. I don’t think I should muck up a beautiful project with too much “me” stuff. Folks can find plenty of that my blog. :)

    Thanks for the kudos. :)

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    Finding your words very interesting. While spending a few mornings wandering around checking out the various blogs while sipping my fair trade coffee – it would appear we certainly have sparked an interest and volume of folks to get start making a difference..

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