A Party, Wednesday, October 24th! You're Invited!!

Will You Come?


I’m writing invitations in hopes of your participation.

Would you, could you join us?

We’re having a birthday celebration!

Joe’s Blog, Cat’s Blog, HART’s Blog, Karin’s Blog, and OUR Blog!!!

The 2nd Annual All-Day Open Comment Birthday Party

Who: Everyone is invited.

Where: Successful-Blog . . . http://www.successful-blog.com

When: Wednesday, October 24, 2007, 7a.m – 11p.m. Chicago Time (Central Time/GMT -6hrs See the clock on this blog)

What to bring:

  • Bring a link to a page, a picture, a post that demonstrates, celebrates, illuminates your success and outstanding-ness as a blogger.
  • Or bring that ebook, that manifesto, that photo, that priceless work that you want to offer as a birthday gift to everyone.

What will be happening:
It’s an all-day conversation with outstanding gifts for EVERYONE.

  • Open Comments all day.
  • Flash mob commenting.
  • Photographic Party Favors.
  • Guest posts galore.

I’ve invited some folks to guest post for the celebration. If you’d like to write a guest post or if your blog birthday is this month, please email me today at lizsun2@gmail.com to let me know.

A Party! You’re Invited! C’mon! Let’s Talk and Have Some Fun!

(There’s only one rule . . . be nice.)

–Me “Liz” Strauss


  1. says

    Liz, I have my SEO book in work, so right now… I cannot put any link to it. But of course, as soon as I have it ready, you’ll get a complimentary copy. :)

    I’ll bring a link, and it will not be that link to your blog, where you so kindly featured the Blogger Power project. Have I thank you enough for your help back then?

    And I’ll bring my heart.

  2. says

    Hi Mihaela!
    You bring yourself and something that you’re proud of that you want to share. I’m so jazzed about everyone showing just how outstanding and successful you all are!!!

  3. says

    Do you honestly think I could/would even miss it? No way!!! Open Comment is such a great Tuesday night event and a great way to really get to know bloggers at a much deeper level. Plus, they are always good for a laugh and a Klondike bar.

    I will definitely be there!

  4. says

    Hi Liz, it’s in my diary already!

    Knowing you it’ll be a pretty amazing set of celebrations :-)

    I’ll think about what I can bring.

    I sent some virtual haggis to Joyful Jubilant Learning when they had their birthday (is virtual haggis a blogging first?) and a Burns poem.

    Maybe some more Burns might be in order (I know you like roses..) and maybe some whisky and shortbread?


  5. says

    You have my head spinning without the whisky! So many possibilities. It would be fine if you came with nothing in your hands. It’s a party for everyone . . . not for presents. :)

  6. says

    Hey, I can’t wait to join the fray – besides, I seem to have the habit of thinking Wednesdays are Tuesdays…

    Liz, this sounds like a lot of fun! I’m going to have to rummage ’round the storage room and see if there’s something I can bring to the party. (Sound of creaky door opening…)

  7. says

    Voice. Absolutely!

    Last year when we realised we were turning one together, it was great fun. And we were all such babes, remember?

    This year will be even better.

    (I’ll have to get my time management ducks in a row so’s I don’t miss it 😀

  8. says

    Hey Liz,
    I can’t believe I haven’t commented on this yet, I thought I had. 😉
    Happy Blog Birthday to SOB and all of us. :-)
    You know I’ll be there with Bells On!

  9. says

    Hello Liz

    I heard about your party from Bean at the LVS Blogging for Fame and Fortune course. I came along and found the party must be going on… (I am in London in the UK, but I think I am within the party time.

    BUT… Am I at the party? I don’t know if I am or not! Anyway, if I am, here’s a virtual balloon or two and a link to my fairly new blog that hasn’t had time to be successful yet.

    Best of luck and I think your site is a wonderful idea.

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