Another Question

What are you waiting for?

–ME ‘Liz” Strauss


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    Boy, you sure ask big questions with a few words, don’t you?

    I’m waiting for my ego to catch up with my heart and soul. My heart knows from my soul what’s next. My ego wants to put on the breaks.

    How’s that for explaining what I’m waiting for without being too descript.

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    You are too wonderful! I already know that your heart and soul are WAY bigger than your ego. . . . so there’s still the question sitting there. :)

    Give me ambiguity or give me something else. :)

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    Hi Karin!
    It’s still dark here . . . so maybe I still find one. . . . just in case, send some video!!

    Gosh, I just looked outside and the first boat is back in the harbor! That’s got to be a good omen!!

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    I thought of your mother and my mother last night because of the conversation we had about birthdays.

    When I was in college we used talk about a silver thread that connected everyone. Close your eyes. I’ll close mine. We always said that made the thread stronger all over the planet. I wish you a wonder in a wonder-full world.

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    As a new reader of your blog Liz, I have noticed you combine blogging advice, with deep, real-life thoughts. How does that work for you, when everyone else would discourage such a practice?

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    How does that work for you, when everyone else would discourage such a practice?

    Everyone discouraging this fine, social, worthwhile doesn’t know about conversational blogging. And on the subject Liz is queen and worth to follow.

    Just my 2p, sorry to bud in Liz

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    Hi Armen,
    Well, my friend Peg says she’s never seen me walk in a straight line. I guess the reason it works for me is because it’s who I am. If you walked down the street with me, which is something I like to do when I’m talking with a friend, we would do just that tell stories, swap strategies, ask questions, give advice. A coversations with me never to stay in one place for very.

    We bad blogger call — you’ll find out.

    My friend, Peg, also says I talk in 656 nested ifs. :)

    In the end, it really must be the kind of conversation that works for my readers. Because if it didn’t, I wouldn’t do it. I would just move away from what didn’t work.

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    Thank you, Karin!

    Everyone can explain things more concisely than I can. You’ve just inspired a really fun post on that on thought.

    I’m so laughing at myself. :)

    Armen asked a great question, didn’t he?

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    Speaker of the House. I’m gonna have to tell my husband that one!! He’ll crack up. Too funny. :)

    You guys are wonderful. I so needed to laugh.

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    I’ve got another question…”What are we all doing up so early on a Saturday?” LOL!

    /raises hand

    Liz: “Yes, Jesse?”
    Jesse: “I’m all alone at the office.”

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    Jesse, that’s of course very relative πŸ˜‰

    I do live in ‘Brit’ land, but really am Dutch πŸ˜‰
    (Hence my double Dutch English)

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    Liz, you either know how to work a mind, or you possess a genuine warm personality, with an openess that (so far in my experience) appears to be unequaled in the blogosphere. I feel at home already, so I can see why people love and respect you, and consequently why they spend a lot of time around here.

    Anyway, the reason I asked the question is because I feel that there are subjects I can address towards bloggers that will benefit some of them. However, as you may be aware, my current blog is personal, with a url that I hate, but is on it’s way to a PR4. Some have suggested a new blog for what I want to address, but the problem is that I don’t think I could come up with enough unique material on blogging alone to justify a separate blog. I’m wondering if I could manage to mix things up in some way that would make it work? However, if I was to run a single blog, I think a name change would be required, it would need to be more generic.

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    Hi Armen (sorry to bud in again, Liz)

    I don’t see a problem with having more than 1 blog (have 3 myself, one pure based on our retail business, one on business concepts and practices and one personal, for those ponderings I don’t think belong in the other two).

    All three have different aims, different readers and visitors (and responses and comments).

    None of the three I feel I have to write for every day, it’s just ‘what comes up’ that will be posted.

    Blogging also means freedom, you decide yourself what and on which blog you write what specific piece you want to ‘talk’ about. No rules πŸ˜‰

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    [Liz whispers, “Don’t mind Jesse and Karin, we all wish Karin was coming to SOBCon, but she’s in the UK.”]
    Are you kidding “work a mind,” I’m good, but I’m not that good. :)

    I just love to hang out and I live inside your computer. If you want to understand read “My Blogging Goal.” It explains a lot about who I am and why my blog is the way it is.

    Of course you can talk about blogging on your blog, why not? Take it from me, you don’t to start a separate blog on blogging . . . blogging about blogging is like writing about writing, there’s only so much you can say, then you have to repeat yourself because new readers come along and they don’t know. And it would be rude (and why blog) to just point and say I wrote about that before.

    BTW, I don’t know why you hate your URL. I think it’s a fine one. :)

    About that page rank 4, how many links are we talking there? How many of those folks could write a warm and personal email (meaning that you actually read their blog and can talk to them about it) offering them the new link and making it easy for them to replace the old one?

    With the correct redirect, you shouldn’t lose a whole at this point and it’s better to move now if you’re going to move.

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    Karin, it’s also to do with maintenance. Two blogs, twice the work and divided devotion. I couldn’t sustain it properly.

    Liz, I read your blogging goal; very interesting. As far as my url…i’ve had a bee in my bonnet about that url for some time now, and I doubt it’ll budge till I’m rid of it to be honest. It has 246 links from 189 blogs. It’s only 3 months old, so like you say, if I’m going to move, do it asap.

    By the way, I’m neither in the UK or US, I’m a Brit living in Australia.

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    Now we’re getting really International πŸ˜‰

    Armen, know what you mean with maintenance. Kent Blumberg’s article on focus your work has been a great help for me on this.
    See Liz’s Blog Caffee this week for the link

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    Hi Armen,
    That’s a lot of links in a short time. Do you know that they fall off the Technorati count after 180 days? I got links that quickly on my first blog and in the course of two weeks 180 days later, I lost some 80 links. It was devasting — well not really, but not fun either.

    If you were able to collect that linkage that quickly, you’ll be able to recover soon I’m sure.

    I have a dear friend who’s an Australian in England. So the world is in balance. :)

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    Aw, Karin,
    No, I’m not too kind. Is there such thing? Even if there is, you can bet I’m not.

    Thinking up something, some way to make you a part — have to get Dawud in on this — is something that would be FUN!!!

    Don’t you just LOVE to make folks feel good? Yeah, I thought so. Me too! :)

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    Why do I get the distinct feeling a genie in a lamp has either just been found or has just appeared??

    And yes, I do love to make folks feel good (hence I’m working at the moment on an index page to my FAQ blog, as suggested by…… – will find her name here somewhere – to make it easier for my ‘floored’ readers to find the articles which will make them feel better – I hope).

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    Hi Karin,
    I’m pretty sure that index page was Whitney’s idea — she’s very clever like that.

    As for your first sentence, oh well, if angels can be everywhere, why not genies? :)

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    What am I waiting for? Every answer I come up with is something I shouldn’t really be waiting for. :)

    Good to see everyone here on a Saturday morning. It’s Liz’s fault – she asks these questions that others either don’t dare or don’t dream up.

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    Hi Karin!
    You are so right! Thank you for setting me straight on that!!!! SCORPIA!!! How could I have not remembered that? [Hits forehead with the heel of her hand]

    Scorpia and I had a long conversation about it. I remember going over to look how elegantly she did that. Oh man, proof positive that this old lady needs airing out.

    @ Scorpia . . . shoot me. Take me out of misery. Ay yi yi . I’m a ditz. I’m sorry. All that work and I don’t remember who did it.

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    Sorry – have been away picking up our latest rescue dog from her vet check.

    Liz, Yes I’ll help figure out a way to get some of SOBCon07 to Karin. What have you got in mind so far?

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    Hi Kent,
    I don’t yet . . . maybe we should leave clues all over the Blogosphere about it? That would be fun. Don’t you think? Let’s think on what it might be . . . then decide . . . Dawud has to be part of this too.

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    Since you’re all making such a (kind) ‘fuss’ about me, how can I refuse?

    Yes, I’ll be up Friday 11 May (only have to make sure I’ll have enough coffee stacked up)

    As for video link-up, still got time to sort something out on my end (network pal has laptop shop, so shouldn’t be that hard πŸ˜‰ – how wonderful networking is)

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    Hi Karin!
    Let’s be sure that we can make it happen at our end first! I’m inept and so I don’t want to promise. I have to know exactly what’s involved. But it sure sounds like the right answer!!! :)

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    You know the old saying “Be careful what you wish for…” LOL

    The next time I have travel plans to within hailing distance of Chicago, I’ll let you know. SOBCon sounds like a wonderful event, but the entire DeWitt family travel budget (and then some) is earmarked for dance competitions, so I can only be there spirit this year. But when you hit the stage you can count on the fact that I have faith in you. Always.


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    oh Mike,
    But when you hit the stage you can count on the fact that I have faith in you.

    Don’t for second think that I won’t remember that, because you can bet I will . . .

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