Are Business Cards a Necessity in Today’s Business World?

By Deb Bixler

Do we still need to have printed business cards in the digital age?

It is a question worth answering as business cards cost money. With work at home business consultants tightening their financial belts, is the cost of printing business cards still a legitimate and necessary expense for a direct sales business?

The answer to this question is an emphatic “Yes!”

Why Business Cards Are Still A Necessity

Most everyone owns a smartphone and many people have simple apps that allow for the easy storage of contact information. However, not everyone has a smartphone and many people do not know how to correctly use their phones to store and retrieve information beyond a phone number. Business cards often contain different pieces of information. Phone numbers, a fax number, a business description, an email address, a physical address and other pertinent pieces of information are often printed on business cards.

Entering all this information into a smartphone takes more time than most people are willing to invest when they meet a new business contact. Handing a business card to someone is fast and painless.

Though we are gradually becoming a paperless society, people still want to hold on to our paper-oriented world. Until a completely digital generation has replaced the old school paper addicts, business cards will remain an important part of networking and business meetings. If someone asks for a business card, you do not want to be the one person to reply, “I don’t have one.” Not having a business card lessens your credibility and reduces the chance that you will make a rewarding business contact.

People still look through their snail mail and they still notice business cards sitting on their desks or tucked into their wallets. This is not likely to change for at least a generation. Without a business card, you will be the one left behind when trying to promote your business or service.

How to Make Your Business Card Stand Out From the Crowd

business cardThere is no denying that business cards kill trees and it is important to make sure that forests are not destroyed in vain.

Make your business card stand out from the crowd and serve as a dynamic and beneficial marketing tool.

Business cards should be printed on paper that has a nice feel and look.

The paper should be a bit thicker than normal with some texture.

The color should stand out and be pleasing to the eye. Both sides of the card should be used, though the majority of information should be on the front side.

Since cards no longer have to fit into a Rolodex, experimenting with different sizes and shapes can be a great way to stand out from the crowd.

The direct sales business is highly competitive and business owners need to use every tool available to attract and keep more clients.

Though business cards may someday become a thing of the past, they are still a relevant and beneficial tool for business owners. Until our society is completely paperless, business cards are a necessity in the business world.

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Deb Bixler retired from the corporate world using the proven business systems that made her a success working for others by incorporating them into her home business. In only 9 months Deb replaced her full time income with the sales and commissions from her home party plan business. Find her on Twitter at:

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