Are You Up for a Posting Marathon?

It’s a Marathon

The blogger at It’s So Fantastic has decided to do Darren Rowse’s list of 20 Blogging Post Types one better and do a marathon, posting one of each type for 20 days running. She’s invited all comers to post with her and leave a link to their posts.

Are you fit and ready? It’s a great way to make contacts, hone new writing skills, and get some links. You can find the details and the list of types at her site link above.

Good luck. If you participate, let us know how it goes.

As Darren said, “Great idea! Wish I had thought of it.”

ME “Liz” Strauss


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    Yeah, what a smart (and a very viral) idea … but seeing the long list of posting styles I’m not up to a blogging marathon – just too damn lazy to stick with it 😉

    I have, however, copied the 20 styles as they are useful when sitting down and thinking about which way to go with a post.

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    Hey, Martin,
    I’m right with you on this one.
    I thought what a great list. Wish I had the time and energy. Of course, I never was one to do the thing that everybody was doing. I was too weird to understand why they were all doing it. 😛

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    Hi Ara.
    Good to see you!
    I know what you mean. We have enough deadlines in our life. I don’t know that we need to impose more. But some folks like to join in the marathons, and they are a good way to get relationships going. Right now though, I’m paraphrasing “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”–One of my friends would have to die before I could take on another one. :)
    Just kidding.

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    “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” – my all time favorite film, so if you keep quoting from the film then I’ll be around here even more :-)

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    Miss Bartender, I’ll have a J&B and coke on the rocks and keep em coming at regular intervals :-)

    oh, and keep me away from any computer while I’m here – I’m known to make some shonky comments around the blogosphere after I’ve had a few 😉

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    Here you go, Martin, sir.
    We have no computer power at the bar while drinks are served. I get jealous when people pay more attention to their screens than they do to me. :)

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    Well make it easy on me then – have you any pictures of yourself lying around the net that I can turn into a desktop background? :-) or … better yet, record me an mp3 file with you saying “you’re a SOB!” and I’ll make it pop up (a pic and your voice) every 5 minutes just to remind me. :-) 😉 :-)

    Geez, been a long week … in a few hours I’m off to the Mall with the better half and even better 4 year old for some Xmas shopping – they shop and I escape to read some books at Borders (with a coffee or two).

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    Hi Martin,
    I was just over reading the comments at JOAB.
    Hey you’d like that MP3 thing. Everyone tells me that I should be doing voiceovers with this low throaty voice.

    Off to the mall with a young un’, Oh my! I remember doing that. When people look to long you just say, “LOOK again and you can have him (or her).” That usually takes care of the stares when the kids misbehave. :)

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    The beauty of it is as soon as we enter the Mall they go one way and I go the other (so I never get to see the stares too much, and the ones who do stare you can tell bang straight away that they’ve never had kids – yet snub their noses at how horrible us parents are with those damn screaming kids)

    Seems it’s a mother and daughter thing this Friday night shopping ritual – one that I’m excluded from and extremly happy to be so :-)

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    Yeah, you are lucky to be excluded, especially if you get to spend the time in the bookstore reading. Cool.

    They’re probably grateful that you’re gone too. :)

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    They’re probably grateful that you’re gone too.

    errr … didn’t want to mention that but yep, I’m totally excluded – well if a 4 year old says “go away Daddy, mummy and me are shopping now!” can’t do much more than be the martyer and head off to Borders and coffee – it’s a hard life :-)

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    I’m smiling, Martin, because you made me think of one year when my son was four that the two of them asked what I wanted for my b-day. I said an all-espense paid trip to the outlet mall. They felt it was their duty to come on a very hot summer day. I tried to talk them out of it. They played miature golf, but all in all were miserable. From then on I got to go alone. :)

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    Hi Martin,
    So are 44 year olds.
    I have a great story that is about a power struggle between the two that ends with me finally enterring the discussion with this sentence, “Four, forty-four. Shouldn’t there be a difference?” :) The argument ended there.