December 22, 2005

Blog Construction–What’s Your Function?

published this at 6:54 am

Guest Writer: James Shewmaker

I’m delighted to present this article on Blog Usability, written at my invitation, by James Shewmaker.

If you’re a regular reader at Successful-Blog, you’ve seen James’ insightful comments throughout our discussion threads. James is a visual branding consultant in Atlanta, GA. His business, which he began in 2001, is Qwerty – “Helping Businesses Become Unforgettable,” and his business blog is

Blog Construction–What”s Your Function?

Design is more than decorating. Design has to do with functionality. The form of whatever is designed needs to serve the purpose or function for which it was made.

Many bloggers are more concerned with article writing than they are with the functionality of their blog. There are a number of design factors which these bloggers overlook. However, readers are affected by how they experience your blog, and the reader’s experience is a result of how well the blog functions. If a car looks great on the outside but its engine has no power and its steering feels like driving a motor home, buyers are going to avoid this car. The same is true of the functionality of your blog.

Here are five suggestions for improving the usability of your blog.

If you would like more suggestions on improving your blog’s functionality, Jakob Nielsen writes excellent articles about Web Usability.

And for a construction connection of another kind. If you are nostalgic about ABC’s Schoolhouse Rock, here are the words and the site connection to “Construction Junction.�

Thanks, James.
I know I couldn’t have said that better.

James will be back again soon with more.

–ME “Liz” Strauss.

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