Blogger/ Firefox–Editing Trap

If you’re working on a Blogger blog and using Firefox, recently when they hid the time options choice on the posting box, they also hid an editing trap.

Note: This seems to be true only in Firefox.

Here’s what happens: When you go back in to edit, unless you check the “keep current time” box, the time resets itself. That means that the time on the post becomes time of the edit, rather than remaining the time the post was originally published.

A post written in May, but fixed in July would move two months through your blog!

Read this explanation of how Blogger posts are an editing trap by Improbulus at a Consuming Experience. The post will lead you to the software fixes that you need.

Whew! What a mess that could be. Just when you thought your blog was doing fine. . . Thank you again. Improbulus.

–ME “Liz” Strauss

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