Bloggy Question 70: How Do You Thank All of the Bloggers Who Have Helped You?


For those who come looking for a short, thoughtful read, a blogging life discussion, or a way to gradually ease back into the week. I offer this bloggy life question. . . .

You’re a blogger. Like most of us, you got here thinking it was about the writing. Then, whoa, you found out that the people who blog are something special who find a way to share who they are in meaningful ways.

Over the past few months, they’ve been great to you. They’ve shown up with advice, cheer, casual quips, deep thoughts and encouragement that has carried you along clear until today.

Now you’re looking at the holidays . . . you want to give something back, but you’re not sure what to do.

You’re a blogger like the most of us — money and packages around the world just aren’t in the budget you available to you.

Still you want to show your gratitude.

How do you respond?

–ME “Liz” Strauss
Work with Liz!!

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    What a great question. Unfortunately, I don’t have the answer to that yet (although it has been something I’ve been contemplating for a while). There have been so many people that have picked me up and helped me through my blogging journey these last three months? How do I properly show my gratitude?

    I firmly believe in the power of a simple “Thank You,” but I want it to be more meaningful. So many bloggers have shown up and read my blog. Others have given me encouragement when I’ve fallen down. This world known as the blogosphere truly is amazing.

    When I figure it out (what I’m going to do), I’ll let you know. In the meantime, I’ll continually say “Thank You” to each and everyone.

    So, Thank you Liz! Thank you for your hospitality on Tuesday nights, and for your inspiration throughout the week! You truly are an amazing person!

  2. says

    With links, a thank you and small post or image of gratitude towards your fellow blogger friends.

    This week I have two days off mid-week and I hope to do just that.

    Happy Holidays Liz

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    I sent Christmas Greetings in the form of a selection of cards(images I created)published in a post, which I ‘gave’ to those who have become important to me as supportive and helpful blogging friends.

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    Links and thank yous are good gifts but overall how can that really make up for all we receive from our blog pals? As a writer and then blogger for over eight years so many people have helped me out that it’s insane.

    It’s impossible to give back to everyone individually. I believe in a pass it on mentality. When people email me with questions I never shrug them off (barring life crisis) I always try to help. I try to help on forums and send jobs ideas to other bloggers / writers. The best way to give back is to make the blogging community as good as it can be by helping where you can.

    Overall, I realize that I have received (and still do receive) far more help then I can ever re-pay with a simple thanks so helping others is how I make up for it. I hope the people I help go on to do the same. That’s a nice thought.

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    Yo, Woman!
    Since you asked, let me volunteer the practice I’ve learned.

    As a gift, I tell them how much I appreciate them, Liz, then I let them know that I support them. It only takes a minute of authenticity coupled with sincerity. A marriage of words and emotions together generate a very nice gift as long as its genuine and not just a bag o wind being tossed out as a politically correct type of action.

    Btw, I appreciate you and have since I first met you however long ago that was. I keep you in my Reader and have since I first learned about Google’s reader.

    So there.
    Neener, neener, neener, neener!

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    Morning Liz

    I do try and show my gratitude throughout the year, not just Christmas… including generous dollops of link love.

    I did send out an e-card to people that had connected with me with this year – not because I felt I ‘should’, just because I wanted to.

    As to other ways to say thanks – why not go and leave a comment on their blog? It’s always appreciated. (And the door to mine is always open!)


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    Its nice to say thanks ,on the other hand there is a blog carnival at blogcatalog today inviting blogers to post on something nice and noteworthy they are doing today for other people. you can check it out at

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    For Thanksgiving I did a little “thank you” post to all my blogger friends, so for Christmas I think I’ll follow Phil’s example and send a personal email or note. No matter what you do, there’s plenty of truth in the old adage, it’s the thought that counts!

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    I also believe in “pass it on”. I especially love to mentor readers who remind me of me in the early days of my business, and I do it because of what was so generously given to me in those days.
    Your “notice” of me in blogland came at a particularly challenging time and it will always inspire me to pass it on.
    Thanks for being Liz Strauss. :-)

  10. says

    Very good question! I give links on my posts. I say thank you. I leave comments on thier blogs. I stumble their posts. Since I just started blogging this year, I guess I also never expected anyone to thank me. I feel ‘thanked’ or worthy if a blogger friend feel comfortable reaching out to me for help. When I can help someone, I feel good.

    Happy Holidays and Thank You Liz for all that you do and all that you write that touches my soul almost every single time. :-) So much cheaper than therapy!

  11. says

    Hi Aruni!
    Thanks for answering the question. Thanks for stumbling this very page. Thanks most all for reading and especially for making me smile over that therapy comment in the last sentence. :)

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    I do say thank you and let my community know how grateful I am for their support. I also offer link love every Saturday and one massive end of the year link love post for anyone who wants the free advertising. I also try to visit blogs and offer support and encouragement.

    Happy Holidays!


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    In addition to my ongoing pledge to avoid filler posts and thanking people by replying to comments more regularly [kicks self for not doing sooner], I recently created a post soliciting advice from long-time readers. For each reply in comments or via email, I’m donating a buck to Habitat for Humanity. Makes everyone feel good and does a little actual good IRL as well.

    I do Stumble/Clipmark/ posts as well, but not necessary those of my readers. (Although not NOT those of my readers, either.) I’d feel funny about that. But I’m very active about my highlighting the good stuff. And I figure it all comes around to the right people somehow.

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    By giving back to those with whom we are now 😉 However they show up, however we can, no matter the moment.

    Thank you, Liz for giving so much to so many and for inspiring me to think differently.

    I’m off to Italy tomorrow to see mom. I will have several young guest bloggers posting at Conversation Agent in the coming weeks. They are smart and have written special posts. So come visit at some point — you are all invited.

  15. Whoa says

    The cool part about living in this God forsaken land (i won’t give the name, but it’s a small country) is that you are 45 mins away from the beach. I am a member on a beach club that lets you invite friends as long as you pay 2 bucks for each one. So (being this the dry season on this latitudes) a trip to a beautiful beach to relax for a day (BYOB&M, bring your own booze and meals) is what the doctor ordered!!! Some time to work on that tan or showing off that bikini (or even just laying all day on a hammock) will do wonders on your friends as means to say thank you!

  16. says

    Hi Whoa!
    45 minutes away from the beach is nothing to sneeze at. :)

    A lovely meal with some wine is defintely what the doctor ordered for me. Laying around all day in the sunshine doesn’t sound so horrible either. Yeah, it’s a great way to say “hey, I value you.” :)

  17. says

    Hi Liz,
    At the last day of last year, I posted an article to say thank you for all the bloggers that have touched my blog, the post is titled The world where people are sharing

    I started with a personal story to share how I started blogging last year, my recurring passion for the communities that are sharing their knowledge to one another. And here it is, the blogosphere, where people are no longer keep their information to themselves, people with different interest, skills and knowledge can share what they know to one another.

    And then, I list down the link of the sites that has touched me and my blog, either my mentor and inspiration in writing, those that help me with technical stuff and design, commenting at my blog, or link to my blog. It’s a way for me to say thank you for all of them. I guess it’s also possible as my blog is still small.

    I ended with the following quote…

    To teach is to learn twice

    A wish that as all the blogger share their knowledge, they also be blessed with more and more knowledge, and success.

    In summary, how I thank the bloggers, a personal story for them to get to know me, link love and then a quote to encourage bloggers.


  18. says

    Hi Robert,
    That’s a great way to show your gratitude and to add more value to your blog at the very same time.

    People want to know about the person who writes a blog. A personal story makes a blog more believable. We trust the people who reveal stories about who they are and what they have done. :)

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