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Four weeks ago I tried to break WordPress here by releasing a blog post every minute to showcase 260 of your blogs. That event got the attention of BlogDesignStudio, who said to me, “We’d like to offer to your readers 50 of our Edge, Premium Theme, to boost their blogs.”

A new event came from the first.

Eleven days ago: We launched that event. It was called, That Brand New Blogging Feeling Event. Fifty participants each received a copy of the Edge WordPress Theme and a copy of my eBook The Secret to Writing a Successful Blog in return for submitting a photo with a caption describing the feeling of writing their first blog post.

I promised to compile the entries into a published whole.

Three nights ago, Tim Sanders and I were talking about the Responsibility Revolution happening in business. He spoke about green publishing which got me talking about the carbon free digital publishing platform I used to build the Brand New Blog slideshow.

Two days ago — that carbon free publisher, who now officially is my client — thought it was great idea when I said this a cool opportunity to sponsor a contest. So check out the slideshow of all your cool photos and captions on YUDU — where the site links actually link back from the photo pages.

But do remember to come back because what we have planned next is something also cool with cool prizes too.

Yudu Nav bar

OR click the link under the slideshow to see the ENLARGED version
in its natural habitat as two-page spreads.


I made this slideshow. Now it’s your turn.
The folks I work with a YUDU are blogger friendly. When they heard about what I was doing they wanted to be a bigger part. We talked about the possibilites and the next thing you know we were defining

NOW YUDU IT! Challenge at 1pm 3pm Chgo Time Today

Start with a free YUDU account.
Get a chance to win a MacBook Air!
The TOP entry will get a US$180 professional acount at

Details will be on this blog at 1pm 3pm Chicago time today!
(See the clock in the sidebar to set your watch.)
Will you take the challenge?

C’mon, I did it. Now YUDU It!

If you would like a .png of the slide for your photo, you’ll find in the flicker set.

–ME “Liz” Strauss
See the Work with Liz!! for how to start some business rolling for yourself.


  1. says

    Hi Deb!
    It was work of love. I so enjoyed solving the problems of getting all of the photos to go together in just the right way. 😉

    Chappy looks wonderful in that photo. A sailor dog for sure. :)

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