Category Fun: Tom Bailey’s “Gotcha” . . .

I've been thinking . . .

My day started laughing . . . not at a cartoon, about a real thing — something elegant and clever someone did — blogger’s “gotcha,” so to speak.

I’ve been “got.” :)

The other day I said, in passing, to Tom Bailey at Business Blog Hive that I would appreciate a link.

Tom’s no ordinary guy by any stretch. This morning he showed me what a link might look like.

The result is a blogger’s touché and a “gotcha” of the best, the most fun, and kindest sort. What’s cool about his response is that he found a way to make it NOT just between him and me. Tom wrote a post that is useful and entertaining for his readers at the same time as he got me.

[Picture: Kids and Liz as one of them, playing in the backyard. Space alien fight is going on. Liz puts hands to gut saying “Ugh, you got me,” and falls to the ground dramatically hit by a laser gun — a perfect shot has taken her out.]

Well, that’s the image I got reading it . . .

Excellent blogging. Tom Bailey likes what he does. Click the title to take a look.

Getting Started as a Successful and Outstanding Blogger

If you don’t know Tom Bailey at Business Blog Hive, he might appear All Work and No Humor and possibly a little too focused on this week’s Business Blog In The News. Don’t let that throw you! Despite the Newsy Theme, he does participate in Blogtipping and even tips SOBs!

Any friend of an SOB, well . . . I think Tom Bailey is worth checking out some. I did a lot of that this morning. He’s the real stuff, so is his blog.

I like this blog talk kind of interacting across our blogs. Let’s find ways to blog talk that other folks would never think of . .
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PS. Tom Bailey . . . you’ve gotten this mischievous mind in gear now . . . I am the nice one, but I sure do like to have fun.


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    Thanks for the humor and for the tip, Liz. Your dad sounds like a cool guy. Does he also do blogs — it would be fun to capture a corner of his own insight on one of the topics raised recently and then post it to inspire the rest of us. Just a thought I had as I read. have a great day!

  2. says

    Hi Ellen,
    Tom provided all of the humor. You and I just got to enjoy it. He’s a good guy — that Tom.

    As for my dad, he’s my inspiration — my blogging goal over in the sidebar is all about him — but he’s writing the blogs in heaven now and has been since I was 26. I think they’re on Web 2200.0 . . . (and THEY still don’t know what it’s about.) :)

  3. says

    What a cool gotcha. I love a good sense of humor. I had to compliment Tom, so I posted over at Business Blog Hive to give him some kudos on his mini “Liz Aggregator.” It’s funny AND a nice collection of tips.

  4. says

    Yeah, Tony, I agree. It’s one cool and creative “gotcha1” That’s a great name for it a “Liz Aggregator.” It is funny and useful. A frosted mini-wheats gotcha, if I ever saw one.

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