Book Review: Spin Sucks, By Gini Dietrich

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Gini Dietrich is on a mission.

She is aiming to shift the practice (and then the perception) of the public relations profession, one mind at a time.

It’s a tough row to hoe, when we are inundated daily with reports of sneaky native advertising, journalist fakeouts, and “astroturfed” social content, much of it generated by so-called PR pros.

But Gini and the Arment Dietrich team represent the good guys, and in her new book, Spin Sucks: Communication and Reputation Management Read More…

Is Rehiring Those You Laid Off Smart?

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Experiencing a recession or other financial issue that requires you to lay off employees is one of the most stressful times a small business owner can go through.

But re-hiring those laid off workers may come in a close second if you’re not prepared for legal and other issues that may arise.

Discrimination Claims

If you’re not careful, you may end up receiving a discrimination claim when you start hiring back your laid-off employees. Remember: Fair employment laws apply to rehiring laid-off workers, just as they do to new hires.

Protect yourself by writing a clear rehire policy Read More…

Should You Allow Your Employees to Nap While on the Job?

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There was a time when people could get into trouble for falling asleep at work, but things have changed in recent years.

More and more companies are encouraging their employees to take naps during work hours.

If you are considering whether or not you should allow your employees to nap on the job, the following information can help you make the right decision.

Napping at Work in the United States

Many companies in the U.S. require their employees to work very long hours. To ensure that their employees will not be overly exhausted, these companies provide napping Read More…

Book Review: “The Age of Context,” by Robert Scoble and Shel Israel

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The image of Robert Scoble in the shower with his Google Glasses on is seared in our collective brains by now. But we should all stop laughing because it’s about to get serious, folks.

According to Scoble and his co-author Israel, there are five key trends that are converging to create the “age of context:”

Mobile Social Media Data Location-Based Technology Sensors

This book is a funhouse tour through technologies, apps, and jaw-dropping devices that are on our horizons, whether we’re ready for them or not.

Many of the forthcoming developments raise issues of privacy, Read More…

How Can Webinars Help My Small Business?

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If webinar is a term that you’re not exactly up to speed on, a webinar is a live seminar or conference that is held over the Internet.

That being said, it is becoming an increasingly preferred marketing tool among small businesses, because it provides many benefits over a traditional seminar.

Here are a number of reasons why you should consider conducting a webinar for your company:

Cost-Effective and Hassle-Free

A webinar is a lot more cost-effective than a traditional seminar, because it does not require you to rent a convention hall and Read More…

Tips on Building the Confidence to Grow Your Business

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By Phil Buckley

My first experience with small business owners was in the late 80s. I was an operations manager for Zack’ Famous Frozen Yogurt, a franchise chain experiencing massive growth. My role was to set up new stores and help franchisees manage them successfully.

I was inspired by each owner’s courage, determination and passion to win. They tackled challenges head-on and typically took a glass half-full approach to managing problems.

However, when presented with opportunities to change or expand their businesses, I noticed that many owners lacked the confidence to get to the next level. They were comfortable with Read More…

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