How to Create a Healthy, Successful Work Environment

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There are plenty of factors to consider when it comes to business success: finances, networking, expansion, etc.

However, while these are important matters, there is one matter that is usually overlooked even though it has the ability to make or break the company—your workplace’s atmosphere.

The health of your company is dependent upon the health of your team, for your business will only go as far as your team promotes it.

Here are a few tips to creating an inviting, successful work environment:

1. Organize

Because there often feels like there is too little time in a day Read More…

What to do if you think you’re a fraud

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It’s my opinion that for entrepreneurs specifically, the fear of being found out is probably stronger than the fear of failure. Also known as The Emperor Has No Clothes Syndrome,¯ the Number One on the Entrepreneurial Nightmare Hit Parade is the dream that you’re walking down the street and suddenly you discover that you are nekkid as the day you were born.

Feverishly, you think to yourself, “Perhaps no one will notice.”¯ Lots of entrepreneurs think everyone else is more successful or smarter than they are and live in fear of the world finding out that they are Read More…

Lock in Best Rates on a Business Credit Card

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What are some of the key challenges for business owners in 2014?

If you ask that question of such people, they’re likely to tell you attaining and retaining customers can be one of the trickier tasks when running a business.

Face it, many consumers in today’s economic climate have to make tough choices about where they’re going to shop, when they can afford to shop, and of course how much money they can afford to spend.

As a business owner, you can encourage consumers to come deal with you by making the shopping experience as friendly and easy as Read More…

Working From Home without the Distractions

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Who doesn’t dream of working in their pajamas at some point?

With the plethora of jobs these days that you can do at home, it’s not so unheard of.

Even if only part of your time is spent at home, many jobs offer the opportunity to do some or all of your work at home, and of course, there are the ones where you, yourself, are your very own boss.

Some Jobs Where You Can Work From Home

Not every job translates well to working from home, but you may be surprised at how many do.

Here are a Read More…

Connect to Better Business Service with VoIP

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Businesses can utilize modern technology to become more efficient and increase cost savings while providing better customer service. One of those technologies is VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol phone systems.

With that in mind, why should your business consider switching?

More than Just a Phone Service

While VoIP offers the same features that you get with regular phone service, it gives you much more.

You get voicemail, call waiting, call forwarding, and other features. But other features enhance your business that you can’t get with traditional phone companies.

Many of these features can allow your business to be Read More…

Making a Healthy Choice When It Comes to Insurance Plans

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Small business owners wrestling with the decision of whether to offer group health coverage to their employees have several more months before Obamacare’s small business insurance marketplace is fully operational.

Under the provisions of the Affordable Care Act, businesses with 50 or fewer full-time equivalent employees, or FTEs, are not obligated to provide such coverage for their workers.

However, many companies, both large and small, find they can better attract — and keep — top-quality employees if they offer health coverage as a benefit.

SHOP Postponed

The multiple problems following last fall’s launch of open enrollment for individual health Read More…

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