Don’t Work Yourself Into a Financial Hole

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In a recent study done by the National Institute of Health, it was reported that more Americans are considering working past their official retirement date.

More than half of those working past the age of 65 are choosing part-time versus full-time employment.

Is a part-time job something you’re considering for your retirement years?

There are some considerations to make before entering the workforce as a senior.

Does your pension cover your expenses?

If you have a good pension to take care of your living expenses, working in retirement may not be a smart option. Consider your quality of life, and Read More…

Is Your Website a True Hit?

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If you wish to maximize your profits and expand your business, you should consider making your products or services available to consumers in foreign countries.

The Internet has made it possible for businesses of all sizes to go global, but you may have to localize your website if you want to reach out to a non-English speaking audience.

Website localization refers to the act of modifying a website to make it comprehensible, usable and suitable to specific local markets, and it can be beneficial to your business in many ways.

Here is a look at why you should localize your Read More…

Study up Before Going the Franchise Route

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Are you thinking about purchasing a franchise business?

Many people are drawn to franchises because they allow you to be a business owner with much of the legwork already done.

The business plan, what the store will sell, the logo and the advertising are all taken care of for you.

Franchises are often viewed as the best of both worlds because you run a business and start making a salary immediately, whereas if you opened your own new business, it could take months (if not years) to see results.

Businesses that can be purchased as a franchise include Allstate, Arby’s, Read More…

Happier Employees Make for Better Results

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Can you say with certainty that you have a bunch of happy employees? What if it is just a few?

Whether the numbers are high, medium or low, happy employees make for a world of difference in the business world.

For those individuals running large companies, there is sometimes a disconnect with the workers. This may not be due to an unpleasant owner, but more so because there are so many employees for one to keep track of.

Meantime, those running smaller operations can have an advantage in that they oftentimes have one-on-one relations with the various employees, especially the Read More…

Time for a Move to Boost Your Career?

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As the U.S. economy continues to gain momentum, rising employer confidence has led to stronger employment gains.

The job market performed exceedingly well in 2014, and it is not expected to let up this year.

Some cities are projected to experience faster job growth than others, and they are becoming increasingly popular destinations among job seekers.

If you are looking for a job, it is recommended that you give these cities a try:

U.S. Employment Outlook for 2015

According to data released by the U.S. Department of Labor, more than 2.95 million jobs were created last year, making 2014 the Read More…

Time for a Career Consultant?

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Are you feeling stuck in your career? If your career is a little lackluster, a career consultant can help you get it back on track.

A career consultant is a worthwhile investment of time and money if you need some help moving forward, but naturally you want to choose the right consultant to make sure you get a return on that investment.

So how can you do just that?

Follow these four tips to help find the right career consultant for you.

Know Your Goals

A career consultant can help you find what you want to do, gain clarity Read More…

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