Have a Good Business Idea?

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The business world changes every day and if you want your business idea to succeed tomorrow, then you should pay attention to what’s trending today.

That’s right, by keeping an eye on the current market and successful business ideas; you can make an informed decision based on changing consumer needs.

When it comes to learning from current business trends, here are just a few types of businesses that are expected to grow for years to come:


Whether it’s for small businesses or individuals, everyone needs help running numbers. If you have a knack for the financial side of Read More…

Building Your Brand By Building Guest Post Relationships

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By Diana Gomez

The internet is a great place to build a community. Take an aspiring musician, for example. If she performs for only 15 people at Open Mic Night at The Lazy Dog Cafť, that doesn’t mean she’s not being heard. Music fans get the latest news and tips on “what’s hot” by reading popular digital magazine sites and blogs. If she sends her latest mp3 to a few popular sites, and one posts a favorable review, her fan base increases. They “like” her Facebook page, and are now subscribers. It’s that simple.

When it comes Read More…

3 tips on using Facebook to curate content fast

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By Dorien Morin-van Dam

Entrepreneurs are always busy! Sometimes time just gets away from you; the phone rings all morning and you canít get anything done. A client calls with an important question and you canít put off answering it. Your car breaks down and needs a tow, delaying you and your long list of tasks. A family member needs you, now and off you go.

As a busy entrepreneur, even the best laid plans and to-do lists get sidetracked by unexpected events. Thereís no one else but you to address the problems and nothing you can do Read More…

Words matter

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Boilerplate kills kittens. Early in my career, I worked as a technical writer for a large government contractor. The GPO Manual was our ultimate arbiter of word choice, I learned to spell “judgment” without a second “e,” and we relied heavily on giant chunks of pre-written text.

I was a “writer,” but one who was having her soul slowly crushed under the weight of government regulations.

Those formative experiences gave me an intense interest in how words are applied. How just the right word can make or break a relationship, a transaction, a pitch.

Leaders use Read More…

Your Business Story Can Change The World

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By Chris Craft

My story began on February 12, 1979.

The light bulb in my head for storyís business case in content marketing went off only about a year ago.

Yes, I was late to the party but hey Ö itís my story. At Nao Media, we focus on story because we know story drives our clientsí connecting with their community.

Stories inform, instruct, inspire, entertain, and motivate. Everyone from parents to CEOs can use story to not only get results and gain awareness, but to change the world. I want your business to focus on Read More…

In a content slump? Try these Twitter features!

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By Dorien Morin-van Dam

As bloggers, business owners, social media managers we know itís just not OK to only share your own content.

I personally try to adhere to the 80%-20% rule for myself and my social media clientele, meaning 80% of the time I share other peopleís content vs. 20% of the time, I share mine or the content of my clients. And on certain platforms, it quickly turns into 90%-10%.

Sometimes, however, it’s hard to find good content to share across your platforms, and itís easy to get discouraged. Twitter has always been my back up plan Read More…

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