The Context of Content

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By Lisa D. Jenkins

Itís not the story, itís the telling of the story. Last week, I was in the wilds of Idaho, rafting the Main Salmon River of No Return. I left the online world and was completely disconnected from technology; no smartphone, no laptop. I did allow myself to bring a camera and Flip.

I took images and footage sparingly because a couple of years ago I realized I was losing memories because I was too busy trying to capture them digitally. But I do have a few incredible reminders that will help me remember all the Read More…

Four Content-Rich Blog Posts You Should Be Creating

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By Diana Gomez

These days, it’s not enough to post a picture of what your business has been up to this week.

Sure, some customers may find interest in which food truck is parked at the office today, but that’s not the kind of thing that will go viral.

To move up the ranks in Google, you need as many eyes on your pages as possible. This means the content must be eye-catching! Think about creating headlines that leave the readers hanging; make them want to click to find out what’s coming next. Let their curiosity lead Read More…

7 Tips To Get Your Next Article Curated and Shared!

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By Dorien Morin-van Dam

I love it when my articles get read and shared, donít you? I closely watch to see where it gets shared, on what social media platform, and by whom. I absolutely get a kick out of it when my article gets a bit of extra life when an influencer in my industry shares it with their audience.

When I first started to blog, I often wondered what made someone curate an article and share it. After three years of blogging and following and watching those in the social media industry, I have a much Read More…

How To Finish What You Start

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By Gary Dek

How many times have you started writing a story or article only to stop halfway through and not finish it? If your answer is at least one, then you are like a lot of writers out there who spend their time beginning a piece of work, only to lose motivation and not finish what was started. I know I have at least a dozen half-written posts saved in the ďDraftĒ folder of WordPress.

Creative inspiration is not the problem; staying productive and finishing what you start is. Fortunately, that can be fixed with a few strategies and Read More…

Content: The Fit Matters

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By Lisa D. Jenkins

When I did a last read-through on the post I had for today, I scrapped the whole thing.

I realized the words Iíd written werenít for you. They didnít fit. They were too narrowly niched. They were written for my clients. You are not my clients.

Some of you are my peers, some of you are my competitors and some of you are my role models. We gather here because weíre each building an online business. What I write here needs to serve you and honor your time. It needs to add value Read More…

Create Unique Content and Own Your Business Niche

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By Paul Biedermann, re:DESIGN

Sharing other peopleís content on social media is nice, but the best content sharers are content creators. Makers. Producers. Originators.

Itís one thing to cover that í80s band on stage with a bad wig at the local fair ó itís a completely different thing to perform a song youíve written and then share it with the rest of the world for the first time. If itís good, people will snap to attention. If itís not so good, wellÖ people may head to the side area for a corn dog, but if itís Read More…

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