Make Your Blog Stand Out from the Crowd

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By Mickie Kennedy

There are a ton of resources and websites all devoted to the same thing: helping bloggers make their content stand out from the crowd (you’re on one right now — one of the best, as a matter of fact). The end result, however, will all depend on how much work you are willing to put into building a community and making them aware of what you are doing.

Jenny Lawson, the mind behind The Bloggess, is a perfect example of a blogger who promotes her content, her books, and herself without seeming to promote her Read More…

5 Sites that Boost My Creativity Each Time

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By Jessy Troy

No matter what field you are in, there is no doubt that creativity and inspiration play an important part in helping you finalize a project or two.

This may be especially true for writers and those in the Arts who rely heavily on sparks of aha! moments to get their creative juices flowing and create something extraordinary.

Yet surprisingly, we have heard many stories about how they often get their inspiration for their masterpiece from a totally different field. A fashion designer can get ideas from a marvelous piece of art and an architect may base his Read More…

The magpie and the docent – a tale of two writers

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Magpie – a person who collects things, especially things of little use or value, or a person who chatters idly. Docent – a person who acts as a guide, typically on a voluntary basis.

The Magpie

The magpie flits from branch to branch, picking up shiny objects (the latest app) and sharing them randomly (G+ one day, Tumblr the next).

She has no routine writing schedule, and her audience/customers have no idea what to expect next.

She occasionally shares something brilliant, and then disappears for weeks at a time.

The Docent

The docent has a clearly defined area Read More…

How Are Guest Articles Different From Guest Posts?

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By Mickie Kennedy

So you heard that one terrific way to attract new traffic to your site can be to drop a few well-written articles on other popular websites or blogs. Seems pretty straightforward, right? You write an article full of useful advice, a potential new client or fan reads it, surfs over to your webpage, lands in your funnel and — boom! — your follower base expands.

At first glance, guest articles on online websites seem very similar to guest blog posts. However, while similar in quality content, they differ in how they are written, the editing process, and Read More…

How to Use Curated Content for Content Marketing

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By Jessica Davis

Content is at the center of everything digital. It is what people look for when searching for something on the web and it is what makes them share, like, subscribe, comment, follow, buy or donate.

But creating valuable content can often be quite challenging, and when you are not quite ready for this challenge, curated content comes to your rescue.

What is curated content?

Content curation basically involves sifting through relevant information on the internet and sharing the best of what you can find on your social profiles. However, curating content manually takes a lot of Read More…

5 hot call to action tips for business bloggers

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You’re blogging for a reason, right?

If your blog is part of your business strategy, it’s time to do a check-up on your call to action (CTA).

A call to action is something that is intended to provoke a response in your reader.

It could be a bright red box that says “click here,” it could be a pretty picture of the cover of your e-book saying, “download now,” or it could be “set an appointment today.” Those are overt calls to action.

It could be more subtle, like a series of recommended blog posts. Read More…

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