Are you missing out on this under-the-radar marketing resource?

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They’re everywhere.

Interviews, case studies, Q&As with your ideal client.

They’re happening on competitor blogs, podcasts, marketing blogs, YouTube channels, magazines, and more.

Your ideal client (or her colleague) is spilling her guts all over the place.

Are you catching that inside information? One example is the ChiefMarTec blog, run by Scott Brinker. He’s been interviewing CMOs over the last several months, and one question he usually asks is, “What does a day in your life look like? What are the toughest and most interesting parts?

Well wow. If I’m someone Read More…

The Wrong Way to Handle a Bad Fit

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By Lisa D. Jenkins

Near where I live, there’s a small independent boutique that’s always drawn my interest. The clothes in the window aren’t something you’ll find on the rack in a mainstream big brand store so I was excited to step in and check things out.

The clothes on the inside matched the promise of the storefront; the cut and quality of clothing had me really excited to do a bit of shopping. As I browsed and added things to my dressing room, I talked with the owner about her choice of stock.

She’s filled her Read More…

Pay Attention to the Tomato

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There’s an amazing little burger joint near me, called Poe’s Tavern. It’s a warm, friendly, local place with great food, but there’s one special thing they do that makes me a maniacal fan—they pay attention to their tomato.

Tomatoes should be ripe, red, and full of flavor. They should add to the hamburger, not detract from it. But the “tomato bar” is set so low at most restaurants. Often it’s semi-ripe, mealy, or green in the center. Thrown on top because the burger is supposed to come with tomato on it. That makes me sad.

Poe’s tomatoes Read More…

Smarter Shoppers: How to Convert on New Buyer Behavior

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By Darren Creasey

Online marketing is an industry that is acutely aware of buyer behaviors and patterns; in fact, many trends in digital marketing are driven by this awareness. The Internet is a positive feedback loop- it has changed the way consumers research, shop, and buy, which in turn shapes how marketers use the web to market to buyers. Do you know how the Internet influences buyer behavior, and how to capitalize on that information? Read on to find out.

1. Shoppers are smarter

One of the best features of the Internet is the accessibility to learning resources that it Read More…

Turning Customers Into Advocates

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John Caplan, founder and CEO of, shares his tips on how leveraging the web’s social tools to build a community around your brand and engage directly with shoppers can grow your business.  

As an entrepreneur, I know how important it is to build a community of people around your business.  As a business owner who is passionate about growing emerging businesses, getting your business online to leverage distribution and build relationships is an essential tool.    At OpenSky, we strive to empower emerging brands to grow their businesses by engaging consumers.  We make sure to communicate and constantly Read More…

3 Tips for More Customer Referrals

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By Jennifer Dunn

You need more clients, but what’s the easiest way to get them? Simple – through clients you’ve already done business with! However, what isn’t simple is obtaining customer referrals when you don’t know how to go about it. Here are three things you can do to ensure you’ll get a great referral at the end of a job.

1. Knock Their Socks Off

There’s absolutely no way you will get a referral from your client if you don’t do the job they wanted correctly. Would you give a carpenter a referral if they only fixed 3/4 of Read More…

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