5 Resources To Help You Pitch Like a Pro

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On the AMC series The Pitch (watched by advertising nerds like me), the pitching team strides into the conference room with a steely confidence that’s equal parts John Wayne and Kanye West. They are super prepared, they’ve done their research, and they have shiny boards prepared by the design team.

Most of the time, you will not have any of these items when you get the chance to pitch. When you’re starting your own business, you need to take advantage of inexpensive tools that will help you “spread your ideas,” in the words of Nancy Duarte.

Pitch with Purpose and Read More…

The Secret of My Success

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Moving into a new home is a major undertaking.

Once the boxes are cleared and the new neighbors start bringing over key lime pie, you invariably have to start calling contractors of various stripes.

Lawn guy, handyman to fix the screen door handle, pest control, air conditioning repair, you get the picture. Making all of these calls over a compressed period of time gave me a true education in “who gets the business.”

You know who gets the business?

The person who answers the phone. If everyone fails that test, then it’s the one who returns the call Read More…

How Amazon Became the “Default”

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When I need to buy something, whether it’s a set of s’mores skewers or the latest bestseller, I click on over to Amazon.com first.

It’s taken me a while to recognize this behavior, because I was doing it very unconsciously.

How did this happen?

Amazon.com is my “default” place to buy things. They have simply removed every trace of friction from the shopping experience. To the point that other factors like price and diversity of selection take a back seat.

You may not have the resources of Amazon, but you should aspire to be the “default” provider Read More…

Do You Have Designs on a Mobile App?

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As a business owner, what were your top goals coming into 2014?

Some may say lowering their budgets, while others may point to making better hires. Still others might have focused on becoming more adept at social media.

No matter what your primary objective was when the calendar turned to 2014, thinking about how you can improve your business model should be a never-ending focus of what you do.

With that said, how mobile is your business? Specifically, does your business offer a mobile app?

If you don’t think about the following information from j2 Global and eMarketer:

Barely Read More…

Word Choices That Sell

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By Deb Bixler

In the world of sales, the successful sales professional is always trying to close a business deal.

The problem that some inexperienced sales associates run into is that they appear to be pushy when trying to close deals and that turns off the client. Instead of going in for the obvious close at all times, you should use smart word choices that make it a done deal by the time you are done.

Never Offer Yes Or No Questions

Successful sales professionals practice their presentations constantly and one of the things they practice is avoiding yes or Read More…

Break the Grip of the Rip

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This little stretch of beach occasionally has dangerous rip currents.

The sandbars strung along our part of the coast create strong, narrow currents that run perpendicular to the shore. Unsuspecting swimmers can quickly get pulled far from the beach. If they don’t know what to do, they require emergency rescue to avoid drowning.

Marketers can get sucked into the grip of a rip current too.

“You need to post 20x per day on Twitter.” “You have to have 50,000 Facebook fans.” “The audience will only read short posts.” “The audience will only read long posts.” “We need Read More…

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