Cook Up More Revenue with Consumer Text Marketing

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If you’re a restaurant, fast-food establishment or local eatery owner, you know that getting customers through the door is a constant focus of your business.

Even when business is good, there are always those quieter times of day when it can be hard to get enough patrons into those seats.

Using mass texts is one way your eatery can draw in more customers, get people excited about your food, and entice them with special offers and exclusive deals.

So just how can you use text marketing to increase your eatery’s revenue? And what are some examples of restaurants that Read More…

7 Death Traps to Avoid When Starting an E-Commerce Business

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By Simon Horton

The Web offers endless possibilities to businesses. You sure are aware that the Internet has changed the dynamics of buyer-seller relationship forever. The lure of the Web is very difficult for an entrepreneur to resist and you are already planning your e-commerce blockbuster.

There is more happy news for you. The holiday season has brought in bumper sales for retail sellers. Cyber Monday saw sales totaling $2.68 billion with almost 21% of that sales coming from mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

The weekend after Thanksgiving raked in more than $2 billion Read More…

Put the Boiler Back in Your Boilerplate

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By Mickie Kennedy

Think back to the last time you wrote a press release.

I bet you spent hours dreaming up the concept, digging up the right quote, and crafting that perfectly pointed inverted pyramid. You probably had a colleague or two proofread it before lovingly releasing it out into the world over the wire.

Now think about the last time you wrote the boilerplate that goes at the end of your press release. How long did you spend on it? Did you have a friend proofread it?

Iím willing to Read More…

Find out where your ideal client is hiding

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My parents used to live near a famous fishing stream, the Yellow Breeches. Over the years, I noticed that on certain days, there would be a lot more fisherman out there in the water, decked out in their waders, waiting hopefully.

Turns out it wasn’t coincidence. They stock the stream periodically, and the fishermen know when that happens, so they show up to fish when there is a newly stocked stream.

(This seems like cheating to me, but whatever.)

The point is, fish where the fish are biting.

It’s so important to find out where your ideal client Read More…

How to sell if you hate sales

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Sales people get a bad reputation (some may say undeservedly so). However, the best sales people never sell at all. Not one iota. The perception of sales people as pushy, overbearing sleazeballs is pervasive however. …unfortunately. Most people do not wish to identify with the caricature of strong-armed “persuasion,”Ě and so miss many opportunities to grow their business… their interests or their life in general.

The best sales people know the secret that I am going to divulge to you now: *everything* is sales. Every time you have been hired for a job, gotten people to help you Read More…

How Do We Get More Social in 2015?

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Are you a business owner who is afraid of social media? If the answer is yes, why is that?

When you stop and think about it, there really are no downsides to being socially active when running a company.

Among the advantages of having a steady and solid social presence are:

Increased opportunities for sales; Being seen as an expert in your respective industry; Interaction with current and potential customers; Ability to stay up to speed on industry trends and discussions by seeing what others are sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and more.

Must Give 100 Percent

In Read More…

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