How Do We Get More Social in 2015?

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Are you a business owner who is afraid of social media? If the answer is yes, why is that?

When you stop and think about it, there really are no downsides to being socially active when running a company.

Among the advantages of having a steady and solid social presence are:

Increased opportunities for sales; Being seen as an expert in your respective industry; Interaction with current and potential customers; Ability to stay up to speed on industry trends and discussions by seeing what others are sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and more.

Must Give 100 Percent

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The Secret to a Successful Marketing Strategy

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The ambitious farmer, fresh out of agricultural college, wrote up a detailed plan for his farm.

He designated which crops he was going to grow, how he was going to rotate them, what equipment he would need, and how many farm hands he was going to hire.

After gathering all of his resources, he and his farm hands went out and planted acres of crops. It was laborious work, but when he looked out over his acres of fertile land, he was very proud.

Then he and his farm crew got into their shiny pickup trucks and Read More…

How to Get Your Buyers to Stop Objecting to Price

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By Scott Dailey

Imagine this scenario:

You just finished making your product presentation and yes, it went as you planned – as you hoped even. Your buyer now knows the costs, and was sincerely engaged throughout. As for the other stakeholders in attendance, they leaned forward often and peppered you with good questions. Things looked good. As you were shaking hands with everyone, you even made sure to ask if you could field any lingering questions. After all, you’re not new to closing and “no, no, no,” is all that’s uttered. You, for a moment, feel triumphant.

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Real World Marketing Tips for a Digital Generation

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By Diana Gomez

There are some serious advantages to networking exclusively online. You have full, thoughtful control over your image. You can create content according to your calendar—even posting things on social media through a third party, right on time.

These things carry over into your personal approach. You feel more confident, more at ease with your marketing strategy. After all, no one is rejecting you to your face. And this would be all well and good… if your business is already perfect and you don’t need to grow or create any new business relationships.

The truth is, Read More…

Get More Sales and Better Revenue Numbers

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Does your sales team enjoy your sales meetings? Or have you caught the telltale glazed eyes that let you know the stacks of work back at their desks are looking a lot more attractive than your meeting right now?

Done right, your sales meetings can boost your profits, help your team bond, and bring you the insights you need to drive your business forward. So what makes for a great sales team meeting?

Follow these five tips to turn your sales team meetings from boring to brilliant:

1. Keep Your Focus Narrow

As the article “Ideas For Sales Read More…

Why your online voice matters

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The topic of authenticity, self-discovery and representation of our True Selves comes up frequently in any conversation about social media, whether it be among those who work within the space, or when talking with people who have an inherent distrust of the digital landscape.

For those who operate within the space, being able to determine the shill from the professional is a point of not only personal preference but also professional effectiveness. On the other hand, when talking with people who still think that everyone behind a keyboard is a hermaphrodite with ill intent (“You don’t know WHO Read More…

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