What do you miss by not listening?

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I was a precocious child, especially as it related to language and vocabulary. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, due to my congenital heart defect, I logged a LOT of time in hospitals from infancy up through around age six.

The good news is, because of my love for reading and innate bookish-ness, by the time I reached school age, I had already amassed a formidable vocabulary for a child my age. The bad news? I developed the habit of mentally finishing others’ sentences (including those of teachers) when I could tell that (s)he was Read More…

5 Pitches You Must Have Up Your Sleeve

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Scheherazade had 1001 stories, but you only need five key stories in order to pitch your business effectively in most situations.

If you have these stories at-the-ready, you’ll be more prepared than 90% of your competitors.

1. Grocery Line

This pitch is your standard response to a stranger’s question, “what do you do?” The nuance here is that it should be understandable by anyone. No jargon, no need to use a silly title like “Chief Cat Wrangler.” This pitch must be super-brief, and ideally will end with you asking a question about the other person.

“I’m Read More…

How to escape the Hive Mind

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Balancing our individuality against the Whole can be a tricky negotiation, especially in the age of shared spaces, collaboration and immersion to a data stream that weaves itself through our work and recreational lives. The tapestry of our digital experiences meld with our family and professional personalities, and in the age of transparency, it can be even more difficult to determine where you end and the rest of the world begins. The Hive Mind has its advantages, but what if you’re like Hugh of The Borg and want off the Cube?

How can you be Read More…

Beware the Social Media Cockroaches

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He came to the house every month on Wednesday. Armed with powerful chemicals, he made sure that no “Palmetto bugs” found their way inside. While he made the house safe for scaredy cats like me, we would banter about business.

His long-term plan was to go out on his own, and once he found out what I did for a living, he had a million questions.

“I already bought a ready-made website from XYZ hosting company, and I have business cards. How can I use Facebook to get more customers?” (Because when I use the word Internet in Read More…

Yes, You Can Improve Your Marketing ROI

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By Michelle Rebecca

When it comes to making an investment, we all want to get what we pay for. Nowhere is this more true than in the world of marketing. Your return on investment (ROI) is an important metric for helping you to appraise the effectiveness of your campaign and for making changes as they’re needed. Here are some ideas to help you improve both your ROI and your bottom line.

Choose the Right Landing Page

Sending prospective customers to the wrong landing page after they’ve clicked on one of your links is a little bit like letting department Read More…

How To Get Over Your Fear of Sales

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Twenty thousand bees were swarming just on the other side of the wall.

They were honeybees, and no real threat to our family, but it was pretty much my worst nightmare come true. As the beekeeper came and scooped them off into a cardboard box, his little boy stood next to him, completely unconcerned.

(This is an actual picture of the actual swarm of bees.)

Many business owners and entrepreneurs feel the same way about sales that I do about bees. They approach it with stark, abject terror, or they try to get someone else Read More…

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