The power of finding your purpose

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Social media can amplify narcissism, distort our comprehension of our realities and otherwise isolate us from others: We came into this world tethered at the navel and we’ve been gazing at it ever since.

Why are we here? Why were we born? What does it all mean? How did it start? Where do I end? What is my purpose?

From the time we show up on this planet and the interval of years between/before our exit, most of us meander around this rock wondering what it’s all about and what we’re supposed to do. The few of us Read More…

My top 5 lessons from Dr. Seuss

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I was born with a congenital heart defect, and so I spent a LOT of time in hospitals until I had, at age four, the final open heart surgery operation (Tetralogy of Fallot) that corrected my malformed “ticker.” With all of this time on my hands, I learned quickly how to lose myself in books, chief among them the work of Theodor Geisel.

As a child, I loved the whimsical sing-songy rhymes that knit his narratives together, but as I got older, I grew to appreciate the greater wisdom tucked into each stanza. Folks Read More…

How to conquer your fears

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Last week, we talked about using “why” as a flashlight as a means to identify hidden fears (or monsters) to independence that we may be harboring. Most of us are pretty skilled at masking things from ourselves, but our gut(s) are a good barometer. We just need to pay heed to the signals it sends us.

A good way to determine what your particular fear centers are and how they rank in order of severity is to list your goals in the affirmative and see which ones really rankle you. For example, take out a sheet of paper Read More…

Why I love fear

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Here there be monsters. Under the bed. In the closet. In the basement. Who else here knew how to jump from the doorway to the bed at night so that the monsters couldn’t grab your ankle and drag you under?

When you get older, we know that the only things under the bed are fossilized Skittles, the Renegade Sock That Escaped from the Dryer and dust bunnies.

The real fears live within the telephone we don’t want to use when calling sales leads or funders. They live in our gut when we have to ask for Read More…

Why cynicism sucks

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“The light at the end of the tunnel is a train.”

Sarcasm and cynicism are used to mask fear all of the time. Voiced under the guise of humor, cynics throw their verbal rocks from the periphery and never actually put any skin into the game. It’s easy to be a cynic.

As entrepreneurs, you can count on other people to question your sanity as you pursue your dreams and goals. Sometimes, others are well-intentioned and offer their advice from a point of care and concern for you. But there’s a different quality to the Read More…

What to do if you think you’re a fraud

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It’s my opinion that for entrepreneurs specifically, the fear of being found out is probably stronger than the fear of failure. Also known as The Emperor Has No Clothes Syndrome, the Number One on the Entrepreneurial Nightmare Hit Parade is the dream that you’re walking down the street and suddenly you discover that you are nekkid as the day you were born.

Feverishly, you think to yourself, “Perhaps no one will notice.” Lots of entrepreneurs think everyone else is more successful or smarter than they are and live in fear of the world finding out that they are Read More…

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