How to prioritize when everything is a priority

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It’s the nature of the beast: deadlines, exploding printers, clients’ demands (and schedules) all get thrown into one big hopper, scattering our focus. Our jobs as the boss (even if/especially if we are our own boss) each day: sift it, rank it and fix it.

We serve as counselor, creative idea generator, executor and priority-setter. Chief cook and bottle washer. Janitor. Oh, and it was needed yesterday.

With our own identities conspiring against us and technology morphing faster than you can say gigabyte, focus becomes even more of a premium skill in today’s world. The topic of focus has Read More…

How to survive the gauntlet

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What happens when everything is working? How do you respond when the solutions are coming fast and furious? After months or years of “famine,” how do you deal with an abundance of resources and opportunities?

1. Oxygen 2. Silence 3. Insight 4. Action

First of all, catch your breath. Every cell in your body (including the grey ones in your skull) operate more efficiently when fully oxygenated. Literally breath deeply and let it out, focusing on releasing panic as you exhale.

Once your brain has a fresh supply of Thinking Fuel, sit down and be quiet.

If you’ve Read More…

When to listen to your critics

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Earlier blog posts have emphasized the need to learn how to filter out the voices of critics. While it’s true that those who can only criticize are seldom of any practical help when building anything, especially something new, there are times when it pays to listen to those with a different point of view than your own.

It’s also important to make sure that before listening to your critics that you are crystal clear about your goal, in terms of what solution you/your product brings. Having a vision of the ideal resolution is important, because it serves as Read More…

5 Productivity Hacks for Bloggers

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By Abby Perkins

A blogger’s time is one of the most important aspects of their profession. The slightest distraction can be incredibly costly to their productivity – especially if those distractions are persistent. There’s no question about it – wasting time prevents bloggers from performing at their highest level.

However, there are productivity hacks that can help bloggers manage their time more effectively.

1. De-clutter your workspace

The best thing any blogger can do is set up a dedicated work space that is free from any possible distractions. An untidy work environment Read More…

Is your productivity productive?

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“Does it generate revenue?” This is one of the questions that floated around the room during our Genius Shared retreat in Chicago a few months ago.

We were discussing goals, productivity, and action plans (things that send a tingle up the spine of every productivity nerd).

But many of us forget to apply the “does it generate revenue” test to our actions.

If you’re running a business, this has to be the litmus test for everything we do during working hours. Not that every single thing you do has a direct line Read More…

How to identify (and solve) challenges

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Can you tell when you are in the middle of overcoming challenges? How can you detect strength or capacity building as it is happening? Where is the contrast between where you’ve been and when you’ve learned?

It’s sometimes difficult to tell, especially if you are an entrepreneur or just starting out. Lone wolf syndrome is both boon and bane. There’s a Proverb (paraphrased) that says, “If you wish to go somewhere fast, go alone; if you wish to go far, travel together.”¯

The problem, by way of both utility and reality is that for many of Read More…

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