Business Planning for the Time Crunched

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The other day, I caught myself after 7pm, listening to a business podcast, scanning through a research report that is relevant to my business, and periodically glancing over to my iPhone, which was buzzing to alert me about new emails and social media updates from my friends and colleagues.

Did I mention that the television was on in the background?

Even typing that paragraph, I’m getting a headache.

Pretty sure that none of those activities advanced my business one iota. In fact, they probably set me back because my brain was in a tortured, fractured state.

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Be More Productive By Doing Less

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By Robyn Tippins

If you are a small to medium sized business owner, I’m here to tell you today that your time is limited. I know this will come as an enormous surprise, but there are a finite number of your hours to go around.

You can’t do it all, and I’m guessing you probably don’t want to anyway…

Information Overload

Your company has to be on the cutting edge, so you must read often.

You spend at least 15% of every day (and probably more like 30%+) consuming information — Tweets, Facebook statuses, Pins, Medium Read More…

How To Finish What You Start

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By Gary Dek

How many times have you started writing a story or article only to stop halfway through and not finish it? If your answer is at least one, then you are like a lot of writers out there who spend their time beginning a piece of work, only to lose motivation and not finish what was started. I know I have at least a dozen half-written posts saved in the “Draft” folder of WordPress.

Creative inspiration is not the problem; staying productive and finishing what you start is. Fortunately, that can be fixed with a few strategies and Read More…

The Secret of My Success

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Moving into a new home is a major undertaking.

Once the boxes are cleared and the new neighbors start bringing over key lime pie, you invariably have to start calling contractors of various stripes.

Lawn guy, handyman to fix the screen door handle, pest control, air conditioning repair, you get the picture. Making all of these calls over a compressed period of time gave me a true education in “who gets the business.”

You know who gets the business?

The person who answers the phone. If everyone fails that test, then it’s the one who returns the call Read More…

Why a firm ‘no’ is better than a weak ‘yes’

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Earlier this month, I was asked to contribute to a year-long module focused on helping entrepreneurs develop their own paths. My specific installment concerned collaboration and how to identify strategic partners, part of which included an interview.

Collaboration is perilously close to becoming buzzworded to death, but it IS true that many hands make light work. A focused group of people with complementary talents and matching energies can focus their gifts on the attainment of a common goal. It’s a rush when it happens.

As I’ve moved into the solopreneur space, my inner voice has become Read More…

What do you miss by not listening?

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I was a precocious child, especially as it related to language and vocabulary. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, due to my congenital heart defect, I logged a LOT of time in hospitals from infancy up through around age six.

The good news is, because of my love for reading and innate bookish-ness, by the time I reached school age, I had already amassed a formidable vocabulary for a child my age. The bad news? I developed the habit of mentally finishing others’ sentences (including those of teachers) when I could tell that (s)he was Read More…

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