Why a firm ‘no’ is better than a weak ‘yes’

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Earlier this month, I was asked to contribute to a year-long module focused on helping entrepreneurs develop their own paths. My specific installment concerned collaboration and how to identify strategic partners, part of which included an interview.

Collaboration is perilously close to becoming buzzworded to death, but it IS true that many hands make light work. A focused group of people with complementary talents and matching energies can focus their gifts on the attainment of a common goal. It’s a rush when it happens.

As I’ve moved into the solopreneur space, my inner voice has become Read More…

What do you miss by not listening?

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I was a precocious child, especially as it related to language and vocabulary. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, due to my congenital heart defect, I logged a LOT of time in hospitals from infancy up through around age six.

The good news is, because of my love for reading and innate bookish-ness, by the time I reached school age, I had already amassed a formidable vocabulary for a child my age. The bad news? I developed the habit of mentally finishing others’ sentences (including those of teachers) when I could tell that (s)he was Read More…

How to escape the Hive Mind

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Balancing our individuality against the Whole can be a tricky negotiation, especially in the age of shared spaces, collaboration and immersion to a data stream that weaves itself through our work and recreational lives. The tapestry of our digital experiences meld with our family and professional personalities, and in the age of transparency, it can be even more difficult to determine where you end and the rest of the world begins. The Hive Mind has its advantages, but what if you’re like Hugh of The Borg and want off the Cube?

How can you be Read More…

Can Logging In Be Fun? Clef Says Yes.

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It was all fun and games until my purse got stolen.

We were on a great vacation, and visiting the Arizona Memorial on Oahu. In the parking lot, there was a sign that warned “High theft area, do not leave valuables in car.” So what did I do? Put my purse in the trunk of the rental car and went in to see the museum. A couple of hours later, you can guess what happened. Vacation ruined, checkbook and credit cards gone. Prescription glasses gone. Plane tickets home, gone.

It was a supremely painful lesson, but I took heed. Being Read More…

How to tell if you’re lost

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Channeling Andy Rooney, I ask you: “D’ya ever notice that it always takes longer to get to your destination when you don’t know how to get there?” I’m referring to the multiple impatient glances you make toward your directions- possibly downloaded on your device or those which have been inked onto the back of a phone bill envelope as you lurch your way through a neighborhood, squinting at house numbers.

You fret as you drive, annoyed with the pokey drivers ahead of you, worried that you will be late for your appointment. Anxious, you may even take a Read More…

How to Streamline Your Business Routine in 2014

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By Ryan Harrison

Running a business requires certain skills and expertise that customers need and are willing to pay for. Unfortunately, this isn’t enough to succeed. There are always routine tasks related to business operations that can be frustrating for business owners. For this reason, many small business owners turn to outside help to handle everything from payroll to office services.

Use Tools That Support and Improve Your Overhead

If you’ve been outsourcing routine work for a few years, you should have picked up some basic skills by now that will enable to handle some of these tasks. Don’t underestimate Read More…

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