Do this 5-step exercise today and enjoy your long weekend

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Today I’m proposing that we all take about 30 minutes and set ourselves up for a refreshing, guilt-free long 4th of July weekend. (For our friends outside the United States, please join us, this 5-step exercise is good for everyone).

Let’s clear the decks.

Physical objects laying around the workspace, catching dust, inhibit your productivity.

Mental objects can be clutter too. Those un-captured ideas, multiple to-do lists, and procrastinated tasks all weigh you down.

1. Physical Space

Set a timer for 10 minutes. File and put away everything that’s on your physical workspace or desk. Then dust it. Here’s a Read More…

Is Your Office as Productive as It Should Be?

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There are a number of ways to improve your office productivity this year and beyond.

Take an objective look at your office operations to see if you or your team are guilty of any of these time wasters.

Dissecting a Problem to Death

In any group of people, there are the talkers and there are the doers.

If you’re not careful, the talkers will suck the life out of the doers until the problem has been discussed, dissected, considered, disseminated and dried up. At some point, you need to have a course of action, and the first step is to Read More…

8 Apps That Help You Run Your Business Like a Boss

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We live in an amazing time for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Tools and software that were once only accessible to huge corporations are now free (or very inexpensive) via the web. No IT department needed.

Here is my latest list of applications that can help a consultant or small team act like ‘the big boys.’

Time tracking for teams – Toggl

( One-click time tracking for projects, with ability to mark billable hours, save data when offline, and share time reports. Free with Pro option for extra features. Personal booking page – Meetme

( Simple Read More…

SMART Goals – Or Better Yet Smart-ER Goals!

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By Deb Bixler

When experienced business professionals tell you that you need to make SMART goals, they are referring to more than just using your intelligence to guide your planning.

The SMART goal concept for developing and achieving goals has been around for a while and it has been used by business professionals to grow their businesses and find success.

S (Specific)

The “S” stands for creating specific goals that you can reach for.

Too many people say that their business goal is to “make a lot of money,” or ‘hold more direct selling parties‘ or something Read More…

Do Your Employees Successfully Communicate?

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As an employer, what do you look at as some of your greatest challenges?

Many will point to keeping their revenue in the black or at least break-even all the time. Meantime, others will note the difficulties of retaining some of their top employees, employees who may decide the pasture is greener in another job. Still others will single out the task of keeping customers happy.

No matter what you find to be your greatest challenge running a company, having employees who can properly communicate amongst themselves and with customers is oftentimes more difficult than it should be.

For one Read More…

What barriers are you using to block success?

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Sometimes, we don’t even know we’re stuck.

We go about our days, leveraging and win-winning, shuttling kids back and forth to school and soccer, lulled into a hamster wheel we can’t see. Only the vaguest notion of being in the wrong place filters to the surface of our consciousness on occasion. Are we blocking our own success?

In a previous blogposts, I’ve talked about what inspires my writing ~ who (or what) serves as The Muse. Sometimes, it’s a quote; sometimes it’s my children; other times, it’s people who populate my social networks and in the case Read More…

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