Do Your Employees Successfully Communicate?

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As an employer, what do you look at as some of your greatest challenges?

Many will point to keeping their revenue in the black or at least break-even all the time. Meantime, others will note the difficulties of retaining some of their top employees, employees who may decide the pasture is greener in another job. Still others will single out the task of keeping customers happy.

No matter what you find to be your greatest challenge running a company, having employees who can properly communicate amongst themselves and with customers is oftentimes more difficult than it should be.

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What barriers are you using to block success?

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Sometimes, we don’t even know we’re stuck.

We go about our days, leveraging and win-winning, shuttling kids back and forth to school and soccer, lulled into a hamster wheel we can’t see. Only the vaguest notion of being in the wrong place filters to the surface of our consciousness on occasion. Are we blocking our own success?

In a previous blogposts, I’ve talked about what inspires my writing ~ who (or what) serves as The Muse. Sometimes, it’s a quote; sometimes it’s my children; other times, it’s people who populate my social networks and in the case Read More…

Four steps to your best day ever

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“Make 2015 your best year ever!”

All of the confetti has landed on the ground. January is in the rear view mirror, and if you aren’t paying attention, the first week of February is almost done.

Did you have big planning sessions the week before New Years? Did you set up your new calendar, your new systems, new routines?

Many of us do that, and by the first week of February, some of it has begun to crumble already.

But let’s not sit around being depressed. Let’s switch our thinking up a bit.

What if we Read More…

How to prioritize when everything is a priority

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It’s the nature of the beast: deadlines, exploding printers, clients’ demands (and schedules) all get thrown into one big hopper, scattering our focus. Our jobs as the boss (even if/especially if we are our own boss) each day: sift it, rank it and fix it.

We serve as counselor, creative idea generator, executor and priority-setter. Chief cook and bottle washer. Janitor. Oh, and it was needed yesterday.

With our own identities conspiring against us and technology morphing faster than you can say gigabyte, focus becomes even more of a premium skill in today’s world. The topic of focus has Read More…

How to survive the gauntlet

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What happens when everything is working? How do you respond when the solutions are coming fast and furious? After months or years of “famine,” how do you deal with an abundance of resources and opportunities?

1. Oxygen 2. Silence 3. Insight 4. Action

First of all, catch your breath. Every cell in your body (including the grey ones in your skull) operate more efficiently when fully oxygenated. Literally breath deeply and let it out, focusing on releasing panic as you exhale.

Once your brain has a fresh supply of Thinking Fuel, sit down and be quiet.

If you’ve Read More…

When to listen to your critics

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Earlier blog posts have emphasized the need to learn how to filter out the voices of critics. While it’s true that those who can only criticize are seldom of any practical help when building anything, especially something new, there are times when it pays to listen to those with a different point of view than your own.

It’s also important to make sure that before listening to your critics that you are crystal clear about your goal, in terms of what solution you/your product brings. Having a vision of the ideal resolution is important, because it serves as Read More…

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