Caveman SEO

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It’s like nailing Jell-O to a tree.

Google’s constantly shifting policies regarding site quality, authorship, linking, and search results are enough to make a business owner go crazy.

I’m here to cut through the SEO insanity with one simple tip.

If you want your website to move to the top of the search engine results, consistently fill it with information that is useful to your customers and prospects.

That’s it. A caveman could understand it.

Following that strategy will never hurt you, because the search engine’s purpose is to find useful information.

Yes, you can hire an Read More…

Why is SEO Not One of Your Top Priorities?

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Name your top priorities as a business owner.

There is a good chance items like keeping your finances in the black, hiring and retaining the best employees and having the best customer service going are among things you zero in on.

With that said, where does maintaining a strong SEO presence rank? Wait, you are not even up to speed on SEO for starters?

For those a little late to the game, SEO means Search Engine Optimization. If you are not familiar with it, take the time to get familiar sooner rather than later.

With more and more Read More…

5 Reasons Why your Business Needs a Blog

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By Teddy Hunt

Blogging might have come to prominence in the late ’90s, but rumors of its demise are greatly exaggerated. Social media might have become the focus for many businesses, but they’re missing out on a valuable marketing opportunity. Read on to discover why your business needs a blog now.

A Blog Helps the Public Relate To Your Business

A blog can turn your company from a faceless corporation to a much more human firm. It’s the place where businesses can show their personality and act a little more light-hearted than they do in other professional avenues.

It may Read More…

Leading Your Business Through The Google Landscape

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By Georgina Stamp

As the leader of an online business there are many responsibilities that you carry upon your shoulders; one of these is ensuring that your business survives each and every hurdle that Google has to throw at it. Most of these obstacles come in the form of changes to the way in which Google works and how it views and verifies the authority of websites. In order to efficiently lead your business through Google’s changes you need only follow these straightforward steps.

1. Your Website

Your main priority during Google’s updates should be the functionality of your website; Read More…

How Bloggers Can Capitalize on the Second Screen Wars

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By Sam Melton

The Internet has changed the way we live.

Many people gravitate to the Internet to do everyday things and to keep entertained. A decade ago, consuming media primarily involved watching TV, but in today’s technologically advanced world, there are dozens of ways to consume media without sitting in front of a television screen. 

Based on studies conducted by eMarketer, 2013 marks the first year in which the amount of time spent online surpassed the amount of time spent watching television.

According to the study, the average person spends five hours Read More…

How Will Google’s Hummingbird Update Affect Small Businesses?

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By Michelle Rebecca

When Google issued its most recent update (named Hummingbird) to the company’s 15-year-old search algorithm, it raised a number of concerns for small business owners. The update has two primary objectives: using so-called conversational searches to find results, as opposed to the traditional keywords, and displaying search content on the far right side of search pages.

Many small businesses rely on search engine optimization to gain the notice of potential customers. As with any algorithm update, this one will impact SEO in a big way. Here’s what small businesses can expect, and what measures they can implement Read More…

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