June 2014 Gathering in Chicago with Liz Strauss

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Dear Friends & Community,

Thank you for your interest in being part of the gathering in Chicago that is being held June 27 -29, 2014 with Liz Strauss.  Paul O’Mahony, Eric T. Strauss and I have been working behind the scenes to develop a weekend that will be full of amazing connections, wonderful learnings and inspiring personal & business opportunities!

We have been collaborating closely with Liz Strauss to plan what’s next.  We have also received feedback from many folks about what they want to happen when we all meet in Read More…

Reclaiming Her Voice: Liz Strauss on Overcoming Cancer and the Future of SOBCon

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By Angel Djambazov

A year ago, I had the privilege of speaking with Liz Strauss as she began her cancer treatment journey.

We wanted to update you on the challenges, triumphs, and surprises she’s encountered over the last year and to let you know how much she appreciates all the support she’s received.

Liz told me she felt like she had been through a crucible with the treatment. Unexpected health and personal complications made the journey even tougher than she imagined. But with the help of family, friends, and the SOBCon community, Liz has Read More…

Tax tips for freelancers: is it a business or a hobby?

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By Sharita Hutton

For Chicago based Aubre Andrus, writing is her life. The author of seven children’s books, a blogger, and website copywriter, Andrus calls herself a triple threat when it comes to her work. “I mix marketing savviness with journalistic integrity and creative writing thanks to various positions I’ve held in the past,” Andrus said.

But instead of waking up every morning, and heading into the office, Andrus is finding her roles in media through freelance work and it turns out she is not alone.

It is estimated that there are 42 million people in work operations based Read More…

How to Avoid Taking Out Large Loans to Fund Your Business

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By Bill Fay

Family, friends and even his college professors told Aidan Augustin he had a business idea worth pursuing, even if meant dropping out of college.

Augustin and his roommate, Neal Ormsbe, designed a smartphone application that would allow anyone attending a business conference to get connected to and stay connected with the speakers and other attendees at the conference.

The two were juniors majoring in engineering at the University of Florida, but everyone said the idea couldn’t wait, so they dropped out of school, gave the business a name, Feathr, and opened shop.

There was just one Read More…

Save on Taxes by Making Wise Choices During Open Enrollment at Work

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By Sharita Hutton

When it comes to tax-deferred accounts for health expenses, most taxpayers get it all wrong. A recent Fidelity survey shows that nearly 3 in 4 incorrectly think employer-provided health savings accounts and flexible spending accounts are virtually the same thing. H&R Block (NYSE: HRB) knows this misunderstanding causes many to miss out on a chance to pay less in taxes because contributions to these accounts are not taxed. Before checking off the same boxes they do every year during open enrollment for health benefits at work, taxpayers who have access should consider these accounts.

How much money? Read More…

Promote Your Events with Compelling Copy

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By Jessica Davis

You may have heard the popular phrase “if you build it, they will come.”

This is quite untrue in case of organizing events and meetings. It doesn’t matter how well you have organized an event if you are unable to effectively market it. Lots of organizations and groups fall short in this regard only because they send out simple announcements listing the time, date, speaker, and location of an event.

You, as an event organizer, have to realize there is a lot of competition out there, and you need to convince prospective attendees that you Read More…

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