How to Prepare for Your Wake-Up Call

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My Academy Award slipped through my grasp when I was in college.

Although I was a Political Science major, I had signed up for Acting as an elective. Sure that I would accidentally become the next Meryl Streep, I emoted my guts out, hung around with artsy friends who were making student films, and made it into the school musical.

There was just one tiny problem.

I was a terrible actor.

In the same way the Hindenberg was a terrible blimp.

And I only realized it when my acting teacher told me I’d better withdraw from the class or Read More…

How to make your own luck

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Have you seen the movie, Napoleon Dynamite? Even though it was released in 2004, a few choice catchphrases have embedded themselves into the lexicon that can be heard even today, including the wistful-yet-jealous utterance by the movie’s protagonist, “Luhkeee…”

Are people *really* lucky? Is there some sort of magical unicorn that visits certain humans and bypasses others? Is luck subjective, or is it a known quantity that people can summon into their lives when needed? Do you have to be Irish? Any rock kissing involved? Maybe. Maybe not.

“The worst cynicism: a belief in luck.”¯ ~ Read More…

How self-discipline shapes success

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Discipline is the difference between winning and losing; and success or failure. You must have discipline to reach your goals and dreams. Without a consistent internal barometer and accountability, most of us tend to do very little. We take the easy way out or short cuts, which rarely lead to success.

I can tell when I’m slacking, because my soul feels like it has been eating Skittles instead of Clif bars. I’m mentally sluggish and have difficulty focusing on where I want to go and how I’m going to get there.

However, in a warped way, being able Read More…

How to Boost Revenue by Up-Selling & Cross-Selling

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By Jacklin Altman

Most of us recognize up-selling in its most basic form: “Would you like fries with that?” Cross-selling too, “would you like to pair that with a soda?” Sticking with that same example, if just half of the people asked say yes, think about that bump in revenue.

Seems pretty nice, doesn’t it?

Up-selling and cross-selling are valuable skills that you should engrain into all of your sales and customer service representatives. If a customer comes to you looking to buy a certain item, there is no harm in suggesting an upgraded version or attempting to cross sell Read More…

Turn Your Weaknesses into Strengths: Five Jiu-Jitsu Principles that can benefit an Entrepreneur

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By Andrew Filev

For more than five years I’ve been training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. I’d say it’s not just a self-defense system, but a whole art that is based on the concept that even a smaller, weaker person can defeat a stronger opponent if he uses the right technique. For me, Jiu-Jitsu is much more than physical training; it’s a philosophy. It teaches you things that can be applied not only on the mat but in your personal and professional life as well. Here are just a few of the lessons it can teach you in business:

1. The size Read More…

Managing to Expectations: A Primer

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By Dipti Parmar

The best advice I received during my career in corporate America can be summed up in these four words; inspect what you expect. These four words that can provide focus for managing a business, a staff, a team, and even your children.

When it comes to business, the only metrics you should concern yourself with gathering are those that will help you make the right decisions. Most analytical software tends to emphasize metrics that might make you feel good about your business but do not really provide any useful guidance for making decisions.

For example, a report Read More…

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