Make It Your Business to Know Google Chrome Extensions

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You might be surprised to find out how some of the newest Google Chrome extensions can help your business run more efficiently or improve productivity to increase the bottom line.

You must select the ones that have the best benefits for your company and know how to use them properly.

With that in mind, check out:


This app allows you to manage projects and work with team members.

It looks similar to a spreadsheet, which makes it easier for anyone to learn. You can set deadlines and even choose the priority level of each project. You can even Read More…

Image App Bonanza: 10 Apps to Spice Up Your Content

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According to ContentPlus UK, articles with images get 94% more views than those without. We have become scanners, racing through online posts and sifting for useful information.

Arresting images stop us in our tracks, and pull us into the surrounding text.

This is a roundup of apps that I’ve personally road-tested for image manipulation. With the exception of PicMonkey, they are all installed on my iPhone right now.

Go forth and create fun, interesting photos. Just don’t let me catch you putting a “sunset” filter on your plate of salad. Don’t do that.

1. Read More…

10 Tool Tweaks The Cool Kids Use

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Remember your cool friend in high school who was the first to figure out how to twist up black rubber bracelets?

The 2014 version, for me, is that marketing colleague who had her new Google+ cover optimized the day after Google changed things up. Some people always seem to be one step ahead with the ninja tricks.

Here are some useful, simple tricks I’ve added to my marketing repertoire:

How to mention your friends by their first name only on Facebook – When you start to type the name of one of your friends, Facebook autocompletes Read More…

10 Great Sites to Easily Add Graphics to Your Content

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By James White

Great images and illustrations are crucial to generating viewer interest and engagement with your site. However, unless you’re a professional photographer or designer, finding fresh, interesting graphics to add to your text can be difficult. Luckily, there are sites online that offer great visual content that can be easily added to your site.


Unsplash features free, copyright-free, high-resolution photos. They post 10 new photos every 10 days, so you won’t run out of great images for your content. You can subscribe to the site to get alerts when they post new images, too.

Picjumbo Read More…

Give your site a pulse with live chat help

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“A shopkeeper should always have a ready smile”

One of the most impactful changes my company has made in the last couple of years is our addition of live help on the website. It has made a big difference in sales, and I’m convinced that it’s our version of the “ready smile” mentioned in the Chinese proverb.

The cheery greeting “bonjour!” rang out every single time I entered a shop on our trip to France years ago. It didn’t matter if the shopkeeper was in the back, sweeping out front, or behind the counter. It made us feel welcome–and Read More…

Will 3D Printing Replace Traditional Printing?

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By Elaine Love

The media is buzzing about the “newest kid on the printing block.”ť What marvelous potential exists for this new technology! Just think what 3D printing can accomplish for the medical community, the automobile industry, architecture and even the toy industry. Will 3D printing ever reach the widespread popularity of the print industry as we know and use it currently?

Pause and hit Rewind

How does 3D Printing Work?

Three-dimensional printing is a process by which layers of material are stacked creating a physical object. Materials such as plastics, fabric fibers and even human Read More…

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