I Am Not A Blogger

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By Lisa D. Jenkins

I believe in blogging. Just not for me.

Every 7 days I sit down to write a post here. Against almost every bit of social media/blogging advice to the contrary, my own blog – for years aptly titled The Occasional and Erratic Blog – has sat sparse and neglected. But I’m just now understanding why.

Self-employment wasn’t so much a carefully considered selection for me as it was a response to circumstances that required immediate action.

My two kids and I had decided to leave everything and start a new life Read More…

How To Finish What You Start

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By Gary Dek

How many times have you started writing a story or article only to stop halfway through and not finish it? If your answer is at least one, then you are like a lot of writers out there who spend their time beginning a piece of work, only to lose motivation and not finish what was started. I know I have at least a dozen half-written posts saved in the “Draft” folder of WordPress.

Creative inspiration is not the problem; staying productive and finishing what you start is. Fortunately, that can be fixed with a few strategies and Read More…

Content: The Fit Matters

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By Lisa D. Jenkins

When I did a last read-through on the post I had for today, I scrapped the whole thing.

I realized the words I’d written weren’t for you. They didn’t fit. They were too narrowly niched. They were written for my clients. You are not my clients.

Some of you are my peers, some of you are my competitors and some of you are my role models. We gather here because we’re each building an online business. What I write here needs to serve you and honor your time. It needs to add value Read More…

Head Smacking Realities: Why Blogging Isn’t Doing a Thing for Your Business

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By Tracy Vides

“Have a blog and you’ll start getting inbound leads.”

“Blogging helps you gain traction and develop a community.”

“Companies that have blogs make more sales than those that don’t have one.”

If you did hear one (or all) of those statements but are often wondering why nothing seems to be happening, you aren’t alone. There are millions of blogs that do nothing but exist.

Corporate or business blogging is even more difficult as it’s like asking businesses to set aside resources to make it happen (compared to individual bloggers who are intrinsically motivated). Nothing happens without a Read More…

Scaling Content Delivery to Fit Your Bandwidth

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By Lisa D. Jenkins

I wasn’t here last week. I know I promised more about visual content but something else has been wandering through my brain, and it’s taken me a bit by surprise. Because the connection is so weird.

Two months ago, I agreed to give CrossFit a 3 month try because The Husband, who loves CrossFit, has graciously embraced so many things I love – live Shakespeare, my quirky clothing choices, BBC television, wine, the crazy things I do to support the causes I believe in … he’s quite the sport.

So on April 1, off Read More…

Good People, Good Ideas

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“Good people, good ideas.”

That’s how Liz summed up the community here at Successful Blog the last time we chatted.

It rings true for me.

Every time I encounter someone who has attended a SOBCon event, is part of this blog community, or resonates with Liz’s message, I am impressed by their intelligence, their generosity, and their spirit of curiosity.

Those traits make you excellent sharers.

With that in mind, we are actively seeking community members who would like to apply to be a weekly columnist on the site.

Successful Blog is a community for Read More…

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