Building Your Brand By Building Guest Post Relationships

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By Diana Gomez

The internet is a great place to build a community. Take an aspiring musician, for example. If she performs for only 15 people at Open Mic Night at The Lazy Dog Cafť, that doesn’t mean she’s not being heard. Music fans get the latest news and tips on “what’s hot” by reading popular digital magazine sites and blogs. If she sends her latest mp3 to a few popular sites, and one posts a favorable review, her fan base increases. They “like” her Facebook page, and are now subscribers. It’s that simple.

When it comes Read More…

Words matter

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Boilerplate kills kittens. Early in my career, I worked as a technical writer for a large government contractor. The GPO Manual was our ultimate arbiter of word choice, I learned to spell “judgment” without a second “e,” and we relied heavily on giant chunks of pre-written text.

I was a “writer,” but one who was having her soul slowly crushed under the weight of government regulations.

Those formative experiences gave me an intense interest in how words are applied. How just the right word can make or break a relationship, a transaction, a pitch.

Leaders use Read More…

Stop Calling it Content

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It’s official. The push for “content” has pervaded society so completely that I had this actual conversation with my 10 year old the other day:

10 Yr Old: “Mom, no-one is visiting my website.” Me: “I visited it just yesterday.” 10 Yr Old: “I think I need to make more content.”

Boom. Throw down the microphone and walk off stage.

There has been a robust conversation surrounding the sheer amount of “content” debris (go read Mark Schaefer’s original Content Shock post), but I think the larger issue has to do with the attitude of Read More…

Proven Ways to Make People Read Your Content

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By Katherine Crayon

You have created the blog of your dreams. You regularly update it with valuable content. Everything is perfect. Except…

Except the readers don’t come.

No comments, only a handful of shares and tweets ó and thatís all. What went wrong? Think you need to perfect your writing skills? Actually, itís not about the way you write. Itís all about the way you promote your content.

The web is flooded with thousands of recommendations on how to attract users to your website.

It’s important. It matters.

The Internet was created to let you share Read More…

3 Tips for Gathering User-Generated Content To Write A Blog Post

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By Dorien Morin-van Dam

Creating content is a tough task, especially since everything you want to write about has already been written about. Itís tough to be original, isnít it? In recent months Iíve seen a surge in articles being written about user-generated content and how to create it. I have also spotted more and more articles written with user-generated content.

There are many social media platforms that lend themselves perfectly for sharing user-generated content; two very well known visual platforms come to mind first. The first one is Pinterest and the second platform is Instagram. Read More…

I Am Not A Blogger

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By Lisa D. Jenkins

I believe in blogging. Just not for me.

Every 7 days I sit down to write a post here. Against almost every bit of social media/blogging advice to the contrary, my own blog – for years aptly titled The Occasional and Erratic Blog – has sat sparse and neglected. But Iím just now understanding why.

Self-employment wasnít so much a carefully considered selection for me as it was a response to circumstances that required immediate action.

My two kids and I had decided to leave everything and start a new life Read More…

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