Collaboration Link 1: Image and Text

Have you ever thought about collaboration as a creative way to make new links? It’s a great way to build community relationships as well as relevancy. How the collaboration works depends on the people involved and their blogs. I thought a few posts on collaboration links might be fun.

Collaboration Link 1: Image and Text
One person provides the text, the other the image.

I surfed a photo blog and this fabulous photo caught my attention. It had a caption that said

“You’re a photographer?â€? the child asked.
“No, I take pictures.�

I left a comment describing exactly what I liked about the photograph and how the caption inspired me. Then I emailed the photographer to say I would like to write a story about the photograph. Would he be interested? Would he share the photograph?

He said he’d like to see what I did with it and kindly agreed. What resulted was this collaborative link, “You’re a Photographer?”

A few weeks later a friend came to me. We had discussed working together, but we hadn’t yet hit on an idea–what should come first image or text? Then one day, he asked if he might use a story I posted to inspire a piece of art. Did I mind? I could hardly wait. What resulted was this collaborative link, “Dance with Me.”

These collaborations strengthened the blogging community. The links made the content on both blogs more interesting, more connected, more relevant. Personally, I enjoyed the chance to change things up a bit. It was cool to be blogging with a new friend and to feel like I was blogging on two blogs at once.

–ME “Liz” Strauss

Collaboration Link 2: Topical
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  1. says

    Hi Trée,
    How wonderful to see you here. Thanks for coming over. It was a special, fun thing wasn’t it. :)
    I cherish that picture and the friendship that grew stronger from it.

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