Dear Emperor: A Test for Your Next Link Post

Dear Emperor,
I’m writing to tell you that I know. Well, everyone does. In the past, you’ve a problem with things that people see that you could not. The problem was that no one would tell you.

I’ve heard that once that you were walking around, . . . well, sorry to be so forward . . . with no clothes on. [blush] Please forgive me for bringing that up, but it is relevant.

And relevant is really what you need to think about.

I don’t want someone to write a book called, The Emperor Has No Content. or The Emperor Takes His Love to Town

That’s a problem. I’d like to help change that. In that effort, I offer this test for your next link post.

  • Who am I writing this post for? If the answer is NOT my readers, please start over. Step outside yourself, and ask “If I saw this post on another blog, would I actually want to read it?”
  • Have I personally checked out every blog on this list? If the answer is NOT yes,please start over. I know you are generous to a fault, but it’s not link love to put your name on a place you’ve never been. Using the same metaphor, that’s . . . um, er . . . promiscuous. It’s a matter of self-respect and respect for the readers in your blogdom.
  • Am I using links to buy traffic? If the answer is yes, please start over. Traffic that is bought will only stay as long as you keep paying for it. You don’t need to pay to be noticed — really, it just takes a little more time, and everyone will see how good you are.

Oh Emperor. Your link shows a quality and relevant relationship that you want to share with your blogdom. It is your seal of approval, your vote for someone’s content. Your readers and your search bots pay attention. They see the folks that you endorse, even when you don’t.

I’m sorry, Emperor, I tried to say this as nicely as I could.


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Do the work and the recognition will come.
I remember when someone told me that.


  1. says

    I was working on a post for today and started over three times for most of the reasons you wrote in above.

    What if I say to myself, “I have no idea. I know nothing.” I’m trying that on right now to see what comes from quieting the resident know-it-all.


  2. says

    Hi Lisa,
    It’s all about readers and what serves them.

    It’s so easy for us to get caught up in what our friends are doing and to get addicted to that fast traffic surge — it does feel good.

    YEA!! for you for actively listening.!

    I know it’s hard to get started, but it’s worth every minute we invest. :)

  3. says

    Hi Valeria!
    I appreciate the comment. I wondeered whether it being taken the wrong way. When my hope was only to shed some light on something I see happening just a little too often by young folks who are trying too hard. :)

  4. says

    Hi Wanda,
    I don’t always get it right. Lord only knows.
    But on this one, I’ve seen too much. Great bloggers don’t need short cuts. Thank you. :)

  5. says

    Very nice combination and a real attention grabber. I must admit that I saw this link on Lorelle’s blog and came here before getting to your feed in my feed reader, but I am sure it would have caught my attention anyway.

    I am wondering if “The emperors new clothes” is really so well known that everyone of your readers will actually know what you are referring to? Sorry to change the topic :-)

    On my blog have I been guilty of making a number of Link List posts to begin with, but given how I make them, why I make them and the purpose and focus of the blog do I think I can rationalize it, or can I?

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