Desperado: The 7 Payoffs of Making Your Blogging Relationships Suck



The message from Kristen King came three days ago. It was cryptic. All it said was “I just tagged you for a meme on bad blogging habits.” I followed the link on how to make your blog suck. Hmmm. This was serious.

It HAS been a while since I’ve promoted blogging for desperadoes. Kristen King’s post is spectacular, but making your blog suck might not be enough — stalwart friends and fans might still bother you. So, let me explain the payoffs of making your relationships suck too.

Desperado: The 7 Payoffs of Making Your Blogging Relationships Suck

I’m all about relationships, but I also have room for other points of view. If you’re a desperado, who needs no one. I can help you enjoy the payoffs of riding through the blogosphere alone. Here’s what to do.

  1. Make everything about your goals. Bloggers talk about how to be better, faster, achieve things less expensively. Don’t waste time on the conversation. Put things into action. You know where you’re going.

    If you focus on where you’re riding, you’ll be in known every town you ride into.

  2. Steer clear of social networks. That’s where information gets passed on. How could other bloggers’ research and wisdom possibly be of use to you? You’re something that has nothing to do with them.

    Avoid them, you’ll have more time for your own thoughts, ideas, and plans.

  3. Know it’s lonely at the top. If you wanted to be with the group learners, you wouldn’t be a loner. Right? You’re a thought leader let them learn by watching you.

    Save time on research and won’t have to read or listen to anyone.

  4. Have hard rules and stick to them. Bloggers have WAY MORE personality than any desperado could possibly need. Stand out by standing up without moving.

    Believe me, the blogosphere will notice.

  5. Pay no attention. Ignore them. Bloggers see and report everything. They even add new insights and thinking. It can be distracting.

    Avoid what the blogosphere is doing, your ideas will perfectly and purely your own.

  6. Only interact with folks who count. Do the math and figure out an algorithm, a game, a list for gathering links that requires no conversation. It’s business to keep your distance. Focus only on the folks who do something you need to get ahead.

    If you don’t talk to the talkers, they can’t ask you for anything.

  7. Don’t let them see you smile until . . . well, not then either. If you respond, you’ll have to manage a relationship. Sartre said. “Hell is other people.” Keep your gig solo.


Desperado, when you strike out on your own, the payoffs can be more than you might ever expect. So, go for it and . . . um, er, . . . and the blogosphere might wish you well if you keep on going. . . .

Of course, I’ll miss you and wonder whether the Eagles were right . . .

Your prison is walking through this world all alone.

But then I’d never hang out by a campfire alone.

On the other hand, some of my best friends do.

Oh, never mind.

To the Desperado in every one of us: Happy Sunday!

–ME “Liz” Strauss

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  1. says

    I just came across your blog and really think it’s excellent! I’m a success junkie, and am trying to make my blog grow within my niche of golf.

    With all your excellent categories, I think I’ll spend some time in here and see if I can find some golden nuggets.

    If you or someone you know likes golf, check out my blog at (notice I didn’t link it, cause I’m not a spammer :-))!!

    [Mike: I fired-up the link for you. –Liz]

  2. says

    Hi Mike!
    Welcome! I’m all about seeing folks do well. I get jazzed when the world is smiling with me and me with them.

    Thanks for the encouragement. Everyone can used that! I’ll go fire up your link. . . .. Thank you for being thoughtful like that.

    You’re not a stranger anymore. :)

  3. says

    Hi Martin!
    Yep, still some folks do their best to give it a shot and manage to find all of the downside and none of the up! :)

    Have some nachoes and beer. I’ll be over here writing. :)

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