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Anyone who’s beeng half awake this past month has noticed some strange gyrations going on at Google. Some of them don’t seem to be the dance of the sweet, and friendly search engine we all love to have on our desktop.

One Was China

January 27, 2006–Google finally talks about China.
That was two days after CNN announced that Google agreed to meet China’s requirement for free speech censorship in order to be allowed into that rapidly growing, massive market.
In fairness, here is Google’s response after attending the Human Rights Caucus.

Google finally talks about China
CNN announced that Google agreed
Google’s response after attending the Human Rights Caucus

Whew! That’s settled. Now life can go on. Right? Unfortunately NO.

Two Is Video

This morning I don’t know what clicked me over to Boing Boing, but there I was and here’s what I saw. Click the image through to the article. This is interesting stuff. 2-14-06 article

First China. Now our videos?
Happy Valentine’s Day, Google.
Do you have something to tell me? Are we breaking up?

–ME “Liz” Strauss

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  1. says

    That’s a jaded, cynical and bitter post Liz. For the internet’s sake it’s really important to share the information on the internet only with the people on the internet that we want to share the information with. Obviously by we I mean Google. But I’m 100% sure they know what they’re doing and wouldn’t with all those years of experience in making choices that affect entire countries make any wrong desisions that could affect people negatively. Remember in their manifesto it says don’t be evil. That means everything is going to be alright. Now go be a good girl and do all your day’s searches at Hey did you know if you click the I’m feeling lucky submit button it’ll take you directly to the web page and not the results? Wacky huh? No other search engine does that which just shows they’re not bad.

  2. says

    Oh Anthony,
    I’m sorry and on Valentine’s day too. What was I thinking? Something as big as Google wouldn’t be mean to a Goldilocks like me. Would it?
    I’m ever so very sorry.

    I’m usually not the bitter sort. I must have had a prune today instead of my usual raisins.

  3. says

    We are watching the fall of Google. Mark my words. We love tearing stuff down in this country. Denton has based his career on it.
    And it didn’t seem bitter to me…but I’m a bitter sort…

  4. says

    Oh no worries Chartreuse,
    Methinks Mr. Devers was speaking tongue-in-cheek.

    Google fall? Oooh the sound would be so loud! I hope it only trips really hard.
    Thank you for your supportive comment. I appreciate that.


  5. says

    The tongue was firmly planted in the cheek or it could be that I typed the first comment from my desktop machine which shares space with a Google lava lamp I bought a few years ago.

  6. says

    I’ll never know because my soul, my dog and my lava lamp are the three things I’ll never sell on eBay. But I bet you are close because I don’t think they sell them any more.

    As much as I love making fun of Google I don’t bite the hand that feeds me, instead I cudlle it and hold it close. Which was why after about four months being enrolled in the Adsense program a couple of years ago when it first started I could see where my future was heading so I went a little Google love crazy at the Google store went through a expensive but life altering Googlfication i now own that word process. Lava lamp, bean bag, notebooks, pens, t-shirts, stickers. There’s a photo I think at SitePoint floating around of me in my old office with it all looking very like happy little Google Boy. I’ll try and dig it up. After a while I knew it wasn’t healthy so I saw a Googologist i also own that word too and I cut back my Google life to just the lava lamp and whatever free gifts they choose to give me for my loyal service.

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