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Duncan has announced at the Blog Herald that the Google Page Rank is underway.

Why is page rank important
to your blog and your business?

Page rank is Google’s system for ranking pages for its search tool. Page rank determines how relevant your blog is by using linking as a vote system. Google has developed an algorithm that weighs links between blogs A to B to C to A, and also looking also at the importance of the blogs making the links. Quality blogs that are well connected to other quality blogs are considered highly relevant to Google users. Relevant, quality, important blogs receive higher page ranks. Higher page ranks can mean higher advertising payments for blogs that monetize.

Darren offers more on page rank at Problogger.

The checker given by Duncan and Darren is considered the standard and is really all you need. However, there are others. These have varying degrees of accuracy. Here is one page rank checker.
PageRank: Search Engine Optimization

These are page rank predictors not checkers.
Medpan Page Rank Predictor

–ME “Liz” Strauss


  1. says

    I found it very interesting reading how Google really works. It seems very complicated but exiting at the same time and as I learn how the algorithm for Google works I will understand it better and be able to use that alongside SEO for my site.

    I hope you keep this running as you seem like you really know your stuff and your advice would be able to help people gain success with their endeavours on the net. Well done.

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