Great Find: Controlling Your Online Identity

Great Find: Lifehacker: Have a Say in What Google Says about You by Gina Trapani
Type of article: Feature on personal identity, personal safety

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Content: Gina Trapani, Lifehacker Editor, offers valuable advice on how to make sure that what people find when they Google your name is actually information about YOU and information you want them to have. To quote the intoduction to the article

A recent poll here on Lifehacker shows that for about half of you, information about someone else with the same name or a web site you don’t control gets returned in search results for your name. Today we’ll go over the ins and outs of setting up a nameplate web site that makes you Googleable with a web page whose content YOU control. –Gina Trapani, Editor, Lifehacker

Using your name page is also a great way to promote yourself, your brand, and your business. Everyone should take a look at this one. To read all about it, click the screenshot.

Have a Say Article Screenshot

Thanks for this important information, Gina.

–ME “Liz” Strauss

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  1. says

    this is why I used to use handles and nicknames when I was growing up; I knew I’d eventually become embarassed of it.

    Now, I’ve become a fairly public blogger; using my full name might hurt me in the long run, but I doubt it.

    Great read though!

  2. says

    Hi Phil!
    Great to see you!
    I don’t think using your name will hurt you. Though someone else using it might. :)

    You seem to have great control of your name. Folks know who you are. It precedes you into a room.

    Thanks for stopping by and adding your thoughts.

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