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When he sent it, Keith said, “Share it with your readers. Let them save some money from expensive backup too.”

Great Find: Using Gmail to back up files with ease
Type of Article: How-to back-up files
Permalink: http://techie-buzz.com/technology-buzz/using-gmail-to-back-up-files-with-ease.html
Target Audience: Every computer user

Content: Keith Dsouza describes himself as pretty fussy about backing up his files. So he’s just the guy you want writing a post about how to do it. The post is short and sweet. It tells you how and it tells you why.And it does so in Keith’s most readably friendly writing style. End of story. Click the title and go to see his new blog, Techie-buzz.

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Thanks, Keith.

–ME “Liz” Strauss

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  1. says

    Thanks Liz.

    Its great to get back in your Great finds.

    BTW, its week 33 of SOB’s rolled out that means it is 19 more weeks to reach 52 which equals to one year = Birthday.

    I am very eager to know how many people actually celebrate the birthday’s of their blog, after all the blog you write on is you identity in in the internet, so do people clebrate the birth of their dual identities aka Blog Birdthday’s.

    Well it could start a interesting trend and an alotegther new dimension to bloggers alike.

    Let the party begin another reason to celebrate your existence isnt it.


  2. says

    That is a good find and great tip Keith .. I will plan to test this out. Currently, my server doesn’t allow the automated wp-cron option, but at least I am making infrequent backups and emailing to my own gmail account periodically.

    PS.. I like parties and celebrations and reflections.

  3. says

    Hi Keith, Hi HART,
    Lists who’s celebrating a blog anniversary every week and I’ve seen a few others around. I think that most people do. I know I celebrated my two-month mark on my writing blog. I didn’t celebrate 6 months because I lost ton of Technoati links :)

    But I’ll be celbrating the one-year on this blog –you can bet on that !!!

  4. says

    birthdays and anniversaries are for 1-year intervals .. not monthly intervals :) but, think of the parties that can be had!

    I rarely go to technoati anymore for my obvious reasons (I’m not in it)

  5. says

    I know, I know, I think it had something to do with the fact the community was pulling comments out as posts and I had a really neat first comment. . . . :)

  6. says

    I just installed and tried this gmail drive. Looks good so far, from copying stuff from my hard drive pasting it to the gmail drive .. I tossed a few files in there and it was automatically emailed into my account.

    I left some (Q)’s on keith’s own blog as I wondered about existing stuff in gmail now and backups directly out of WP to gmail .. to see if we are able to see them on this gmail virtual local drive.

  7. says

    it sounds really easy. That’s cool. It’s nice that Google is letting us use their space the access issues are quite convenient. The privacy issues are another thing. But we have no privacy anyway. :)

  8. says

    It’s good that you said that – I have no intention of putting up any backups of my client’s data on gmail or anything about my business because of the privacy issue. Besides, I have other backup procedures in place for that. However, this is great for putting up backups of our blogs, downloaded zip files for program installations, and the like. Well, that’s all I’m using it for.

    I once had an argument with a friend about this .. his side was that it didn’t matter anyway, because all our bank accounts and personal information and thoughts are being transmitted secretly to Microsoft anyway, and eventually google and microsoft will be merged into one company and will hold us all hostage.

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