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This is SO COOL and SO DANGEROUS. If you know what small bit I do about coding, it might be a good idea to back up your template files before you start playing with this new toy. . . .

Great Find: EchoEcho
Type of Site:
Encyclopedia of information on how to build and maintain websites — This section: HTML Basics
Permalink: HTML Basics:
Target Audience: Every blogger can find something useful on this site

Content: On the home page of EchoEcho, you’ll see this quote

“It’s easy to explain simple things so they seem to be complex…
to explain complex things so they seem easy – that’s the real challenge!”

The webmaster at EchoEcho has taken on the above challenge, and goes further by attempting to add the word complete. I’m not using hyperbole when I call this an encyclopedia of information about building websites. EchoEcho is a hosting company that knows how to establish credibility through ezine artitcles, tutorials, a forum, online tools free resources, even a quiz.

The Tutorials are divided into three categories each of has subcatagories that cover several topics, talking each one many levels deep. Here are the categories and categories you’ll find there.

  • Page Building: HTML, Javascript, CSS, DTML, XML.
  • Component Building: Design, Flash, Java, Free Java Applets, Java Programming Tutorials
  • Server Programming: ASP, Cold Fusion, PERL, PHP, SSI

I’ve set the link to the HTML Tutorial on the titleshot below. Click on over. EchoEcho is a reference to keep.

EchoEcho HTML Tutorials

There’s no questions that every blogger at every level can use this resource.

EchoEcho has plenty of tools and things to learn, do, and make here for free — ways to add unique details, ways to differentiate your brand, ways to add to your blog’s curb appeal . . . ALSO ways to overdo the bells and whistles BIG TIME . . . ways to screw up your template too, if you you’re like me.

I think I’ll ask friend to come along when I explore this site. I could get into some real trouble easily.

Good luck and enjoy!

–ME “Liz” Strauss

I’ll be adding this Great Find to the NEW BLOGGER Page.
You’ll find other pages there and in the Tools and Stat/Tech categories.


  1. says

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, Liz. I bookmarked Echo Echo, and after a quick perusal, I saw material that will help me immediately. I am totally non-geeky, and it is fair to call me technology illiterate, but I find that since I love blogging so much, I need to know more than I do.

    Off to church now. Liz, you probably will enjoy my latest post–the story of a remarkable family.


    Shirley Buxton

  2. says

    You’re welcome. I’m always trying to please.

    You are one phenomenal blogger. You have to be the best I know at promoting your blog posts. You never leave me without telling me something about the latest one. :)

    Great to see you!

  3. says

    You’re a beautiful gem, a precious jewel shining in the blogosphere like a lantern leading the way for us proto-bloggers.

    How do you do it? Every week you challenge me to grow by providing exactly the information I need to develop as a blogger. Geekish I wasn’t 2 months ago when I began. I was code-less and clue-less wandering about in the dark. Code-less I still am but not (thanks to you) clueless any longer. I’m becoming more and more inclined towards the geekish brigh side, as I learn more and more from your “finds”. I have of course bookmarked this excellent reference.

    I’ve so much to learn Liz, and truth told I’m beginning to feel the strain that comes from over-extending. In the upcoming week I’ll be copying and pasting (no import/export option is available) my posts from to After that I will be gearing down, creating some time to educate myself as a blogger and looking to my health.

    I believe posting only 2-3 times per week will be best for me. In fact, I think I read something along the lines of learning how to pace oneself being crucial to becoming a successful blogger in one of your postings.

    Shine on …

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