How to Build a Yellow Ferrari Product YOU Resume / Brochure

Make New Rules — Don’t Be the List

Somewhere along the line, you probably learned rules about writing resumes pr asking for sponsorship. You probably learned about starting with your objectives and your history. What I’m about to tell you is going to break rules … make new ones instead.

The old resume was all about you, anyway. In today’s world, the new rules are all about them. Think about the person or people you are writing to or for. They’re the only ones who count.

It’s easy to think of a resume as a list — three suits: two blue, one gray — of what we’ve done. We tend to think of a resume off as one more painful requirement of job acquisition. We tend to think of a request for sponsorship as a list of what we want. That thinking sets us up for major missed opportunities. With a few tweaks, your resume or your request can be a dynamic tool in your business or career strategy.

You may need the list, but you don’t have to be the list.

Make your resume or your request more like a marketing brochure.

Most people will do what we want if we can prove it’s to their benefit.
That’s your quest.

A Yellow Ferrari Product YOU Resume or Brochure

Imagine that you’re a product — a yellow Ferrari.
Build a spec sheet quantifying your performance stats — those THEY care about.
Ask a helpful — not hypeful — marketing person to help you write copy about your soft skills — the skills THEY care about.
You’re well on your way to serious attention.

Include your product history — tell only what THEY will care about — on page 2.

Use Time and Technology to Show Not Tell

In the age of computers, we should be sending out fewer resumes and requests, not more. Ten well-investigated contacts beat out 100 attempts to knock on the wrong doors. Computers make it easier to seek, find, and learn about the people you want to do business with — be they clients, sponsors, or employers. Use the technology show them, not tell them!

  • Make a generic Yellow Ferrari Product You Brochure.
  • Set aside time daily to identify 1 or 2 client, sponsor, employer candidates whose goals match your goals.
  • Research each candidate to understand how your goals and their goals align.
  • Use that information to personalize the sample document for each specific candidate.

When we research a company before we approach them, it changes the way we write. It changes our pitch, our volume, our tone and word choice. We see how our personal skill set might add value in their context rather than talking in a manner that’s shooting blind.

A Sample Outstanding Product You Branding Brochure

Turn a resume into a Yellow Ferrari Product YOU brochure.
PAGE 1: Why not start with …

This document prepared for [Company XYZ] by [Person ABC] a web strategist who can offer tested experience to [goal MNO]

Career Accomplishments — Delivers results.
This is a short bulleted list of quantitative results, such as sales numbers, profit numbers, great hires, Google results.
Always numbers first.

Core Competencies — Tends the Intangibles.
This is sections of qualitative skills, such as team skills, management skills, publishing skills, interdepartmental skills.
Key ideas highly organized.

PAGE 2: With your skill set laid on page 1, you can list your chronology simply with far less detail on page 2. Depending on your industry, you might offer it as a short narrative summary in place of or above the breakout chronology — the way some restaurant menus do. [Be careful. More traditional industries won’t find that inspiring or cute.]

Use It as a Promotional Tool

Change the way you look at your resume and you’ll soon find a world of uses for it. Use it as you do your business card. I’ve sent mine to a business friend with a note saying, “Let me know if my voice might help you in the meetings with the publishers you told me about.” Design Page 1 into your blog’s About Page to let your readers know more about you, your brand, and your business.

Most importantly look over what you feature to focus on what has contributed most to your success. Know that just the act of doing so will make talking about what you do more fluent in the future.

What would you expect in a Yellow Ferrari Product You Resume / Brochure?

–ME “Liz” Strauss
Work with Liz!!

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  1. says


    It’s so hard for people to get “outside” their own head and INTO their prospective employer/customer/client’s head. You’ve offered a great walk through for them here!!

    For DECADES business owners have hired marketing/advertising agencies to do this for them. Now, individuals are needing to access this skill set for their own career growth.

    There’s a REASON business owners pay for outside help on their marketing and advertising – because getting outside your own head is a difficult task. However, it’s so important it’s definitely WORTH a significant financial investment.

    Oh, and great advice on “repurposing” the material to do double time on your blog!!!

  2. says

    Hi you two!
    We need to keep ourselves current on who we’re presenting to the world and to do it from THEIR point of view. I need that reminder … looks like we all do. :)

  3. says

    Great post Liz!

    I’d like to flag a major ROADBLOCK that my clients hit when they try to recalibrate their resumes from “all about me” to “what I can do for you.”

    Crafting relevant, powerful PROVABLE benefit statements is an art that it’s difficult to impossible to practice on yourself.

    Here’s how a client was presenting himself prior to our work together.

    “My areas of expertise and strategies include but are not limited to: -Change Management -Leadership Development -Executive and team and individual coaching and life planning development.”

    Now that we have completed his “Benefit & Value Proposition Development Intervention,” this individual proudly tells prospects that working with him…

    “Increases people’s performance and excitement levels, which propels business performance levels.”

    That statement does not “tell all” but it absolutely captures the listener’s/reader’s interest and prepares them to be impressed.

    So TEST DRIVE your “Yellow Ferrari Product You Resume” with a bona fide Yellow Ferrari buyer (or 2 or 4). If it doesn’t wow them, put it in the pits and modify/enhance/upgrade until it is ready to deliver an impressive performance in the Career Grand Prix.

  4. says

    I think lots of people need help seeing this new paradigm. WIIFY- What’s in it for you?
    It takes the hard work of knowing yourself and then sharing yourself.
    This is a generosity mindset. Maybe we “give” a job versus “get” a job?

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