How to Compete in Logistics to Grow Your Business

Alan Murfee


What Is and Why Logistics?

Logistics deals with where, to whom and how the product is to be supplied.

Due to the increasing online businesses, the demands of the logistics services have taken a huge leap. With the growing importance of timely and efficient delivery, many successful firms outsource their logistics services. The competition in the logistics business has grown fiercer and impending recession has further worsened the situation.

How to Compete in Logistics to Grow Your Business

Whatever product your business might build or deliver, logistics is how you get that product to the people who want and need it. So to maintain the strong hold of your business in market and to grow it, use the following helpful tips when making decisions about how to deliver the best of your business:

  • Plan Ahead: There is nothing more beneficial than planning well ahead in time. It does not just minimize the scope of any last minute problems but also gives you quite some time to plan each and every detail thus leaving nothing to chances. The shipping of large consignments is never easy and that too when it has to be transported overseas. So, making a checklist would greatly help in proper implementation of the task.
  • Avoid panicking: Panic hinders you from taking right decisions and judgment. So, avoid panicking if a delivery gets delayed or a consignment gets misplaced. Keeping cool in such stressing situations would multiply your effective logistics management skills. When a situation goes out of control, you should come up with temporary solution rather than going tizzy.
  • Relationship along the supply chain: An efficient logistics solution knows that their entire operation relies on an effective supply chain, especially during an impending recession. So, a strong relationship with the suppliers and vendors becomes utmost important. As there is nothing better than the good words to attract and retain the clientele.
  • Research Market and Identify partners: Develop an effective strategy to effectively research the market for potential clients and partners. This would not just give you an edge over other competing services but will also generate huge profits in the long run. At the same time, keeping the high standard of the services will maintain the client base for you, thus giving you an edge over the other competitors.
  • Logistics strategy: Logistics is not about timely shipments of the products but also maintaining the funds for efficient supply chains. So, to be the best 3PL globally, you need to look for the cost effective strategies for the timely overseas shipments. The modes of transportation should cover sea, road, rail and air. Having a tie-up with these services will not only reduce the transportation cost but with the increased efficiency more and more companies will choose your logistics business over the others.

Staying strategic about logistics can add the advantage that can grow your business and even move it into a category of one.

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Alan Murfee writes about Logistics Solution. You can find him (or her) on Twitter as @Alan


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    Thanks for sharing these wonderful ideas. These would really help me grow my business and networking with suppliers and vendors. Moreover, a company should have hard working, efficient, and interactive logistics managers who can plan well ahead and design a strategy for smooth logistics.

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