How to really make Twitter work for your business

By Tina Hamilton

By now entrepreneurs and small business owners should be aware that marketing from social media platforms is highly advantageous—namely Twitter. I thought I knew it all when it came to utilizing Twitter for marketing efforts, however, the old saying “you never stop learning” proved to be very true. I knew Twitter for being a notorious platform for fans to follow celebrities on, and for big businesses to establish contact with people via blasting multiple daily tweets. I was under the misconception that when it came to marketing, only large corporations benefited from using Twitter. I was mistaken, for in the words of Yoda, “size matters not.” Twitter can even benefit a kid with a lemonade stand.

Simple rules to follow

When setting up a Twitter business account there are some simple rules you will want to follow that I discovered are very effective. If you are a home-based entrepreneur the Twitter winds will blow your sails towards the shores of other companies and marketing experts with whom you can connect. Marketing your brand on Twitter (correctly) will open more doors for advantageous encounters.

Brand yourself

When setting up your profile make sure you take advantage of the area reserved for your profile photo and instead upload an image of your company’s logo. This will help to establish brand recognition, and the verbal tweets that you provide can be placed with a visual image that will brand itself into your audience member’s minds.

Wave your Twitter flag

In other words, let EVERYONE know that you are on Twitter. Tell all your friends and followers on Facebook, Linkdin, Pinterest, and any other social media platforms you may be using. This is a numbers game: the more followers you get, the better your brand’s online exposure will be.

Being a leader means to be a follower

As a business leader you will want to follow as many businesses, entrepreneurs, marketing experts and those who are relevant in your field. It is common “Twitter etiquette” that if someone follows you, you follow him or her in return. You should also follow all of your competitors for two simple reasons: (1) you can keep an eye on “what they are doing” and (2) it provides an opportunity for their followers to discover and follow you.

Stick to business

We all know that bartenders aren’t supposed to talk about politics and religion, and the same holds true for business Tweets. As you will see lots of tweets floating through cyberspace that stress views on non-business related issues, you may feel tempted to respond. But don’t. Running a successful Twitter campaign requires one to stay on neutral ground at all times.

Get visual

Sharing images is a great way to draw attention to your brand. People are more inclined to respond to tweets that include images—just make sure they are business appropriate. A photo of the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders could offend those who dislike the team or upset those who think cheerleading objectifies women. Instead, show an inspirational and motivating image or personal photo from your place of business (a happy client using your services, for example).


Trust me guys, follow these tips and you will see a difference in the number of people you communicate with via your brand. Not only have these methods helped me; they have helped many others who took them on board. Here’s to some successful tweeting!

Author’s Bio: Tina Hamilton is a veteran journalist who enjoys covering a wide range of topics like social media, business, society, and others as a staff writer for Organic Media Group, a boutique SEO consulting agency. You can follow Tina on Twitter as @TinaTheScribe.

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