Ingredients to Make your Blog the One-Stop Shop for your Target Readers

If you are running a blog and relying solely on unique visitors coming from the Search Engines, and that too for a small set of keywords, then sorry to break it to you, but you (and your blog) are not standing on solid grounds. Mainly because a small shuffle in the rankings can send your blog tumbling back to starting point, and you’ll have to start from the scratch. Therefore, you should be aiming for a loyal readership from the day one. You have got to have some readers, who will be coming back to your blog on regular basis, reading your posts, sharing their opinions, sharing the good ones with their contacts at social profiles, and when needed, coming up with the guest contributions. But assembling this kind of readership is not easy. It is one thing to get someone to visit your blog for once (by the virtues of SEO or PPC) it’s another thing to convert these random visitors into regular readers. Your blog has got to have the following ingredients to provide your readers with a perfect mix that will make them bookmark and keep coming back to your website.

Updated Information:

Regardless of the theme or subject of your blog, you have got to keep your readers posted with all the developments or occurrences in your target market. Keeping you blog up to date doesn’t only mean posting news, instead you need to discuss these changes or developments, be it a sports blog, technology blog, SEO blog, politics blog, business blog, or a blog about blogging itself. Any blog that doesn’t cover the recent happenings or doesn’t stay on the ball will fail to convince the readers that this is a domain worth bookmarking.

Food for thought:

Keeping your readers updated with the recent developments is not the only requisite, instead you should be able to scrutinize all of these developments and help your readers understand by providing them with some food for thought, something to take home, for example how they can use a new technology, some marketing strategy, some upcoming trend, and the likes. There are hundreds of blogs out there doing nothing but rewriting the news. At the end of the day, it is the blog that goes one step ahead that gets the nod of approval from readers.


Humor can make the most boring topics a lot easier to bear, and it is one of the easiest ways to hold on to your readers, but for some unknown reasons, very few bloggers dare to be amusing in their writings. The thing is that you don’t need to be Louis Harding or Erma Bombek, all you need to do is to relax and write in an informal way. Almost all of us have this inbuilt ability to crack a joke every now and then, when we are hanging out with our friends, so you can assume that you are writing for your friends, and not some critics (or search engines), chances are that you will find yourself coming up with some good tongue in cheek humor every now and then.

Personal touch:

A blogger is not a reporter or a journalist; in fact they are quite the opposite of each other. While people expect journalists or reporters to keep their personal likes and dislikes, or experiences away from the news or featured stories, blogs are meant to be a place where real people can talk about the real stuff with their own take on the matter. So, it is advised that you add that personal touch into your writings to help people related.


If you feel your blog is getting monotonous, and turning more into a dud with little or no activity, you can always resort to a little controversy. By controversy, I don’t mean delving into sensitive topics and hurting others’ feeling to make them speak, instead you can try and debunk some popular notion or myths, remember that we are talking about thoughtful write-up and not just trolling. For example, an SEO blogger can try to debunk a popular myth, or a tech blogger can confer some popular brand or gadget, or maybe a blogger taking on the fellow bloggers for some unethical practices getting common in blogosphere.


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