November 21, 2013

Innovation. Ownership. Collaboration.

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By Sherrie Rohde

It seems that lately the words innovation, ownership and collaboration are cycling through my daily thought process and conversations at a rate that I can barely keep up with.


Innovation is our starting place. With social media weíve created an outlet for emphasizing every disaster, whether itís a true world catastrophe or lapse in judgment. Instead of looking at the world with this emphasis of pain and failure, let’s look at it through the lens of ďHow can we make this a better place?Ē Iím not saying those problems arenít real, but itís time we step up and take ownership to be part of the solution.


Itís a bit difficult to separate innovation and ownership, but taking innovation to action requires owning the problem and the idea with a commitment to work towards a solution.

The world would look drastically different if we spent more time identifying a problem to own, rather than fighting for more space, more time, or more money in our own little part of the world.
óLara Galinsky, Harvard Business Review

When we have a sense of ownership, we take pride in that thing we have owned, whether it be an idea or a project or a community. I recently made the decision to identify what Iím passionate about and to learn to say no to projects that didnít fall under that umbrella. Not only did it make life far less stressful, but it also made it easy to focus on those problems I did choose to own.


There comes a point where we realize that despite our aspiration for innovation and ownership of the problem, we canít do it by ourselves. And why should we? When we connect with the right people, those whose goals are aligned with ours, our force is stronger and our reach is further.

Letís work together to make a difference.

Identify a problem to innovate. Take ownership. Collaborate for impact.

Solve big problems.

Author’s Bio: Sherrie Rohde writes about community management at She is passionate about community innovation in the tech space with an emphasis on user experience and e-commerce. Sherrie loves learning and is energized by helping others succeed. Recently sheís collaborated with Jennifer Shaw to solve the big problem of tech education for rural women in America through You can connect with her on Twitter as @sherrierohde or Google+.

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2 Comments to “Innovation. Ownership. Collaboration.”

  1. November 21st, 2013 at 10:57 am
    Gail Gardner said

    Collaboration is so important to really making a difference. Together we multiply our abilities and resources to accomplish far more than any individual could do.

  2. November 21st, 2013 at 11:53 am
    Sherrie Rohde said

    It’s so true Gail. Often we’re so worried about doing things our way or just afraid to share our ideas. It inhibits so much great.

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