Link Leak Epidemic Spreads Powerful Link Love

Simplenomics Is Still Leaking

I went by to check on the situation at Simplenomics and the epidemic has spread . . . Day 3 and more leaks have sprung. Click to see where they’re going now.

Simplenomics Day Three of Link Leak

Link Leaks Love Company

So here’s a few more.

These two ladies know more about blogging than I will know for years and years. I watch them and read them just to learn things. I’m the nice one and these TWO ARE EVEN NICER. Visit her blog and her blog if you want the proof.

This fella helps me out whenever I need it and never once has asked for a thing. He’s a knight, a Web Design Powerhouse. and a gamer. Check out ReRetro and you’ll know where his head is.

This young lady is always one to rally to a cause that good. She delivers and helps those in trouble. She holds the hearts of everyone. Zilla knows the true meaning of Link Love and what to do about a Link Leak Epidemic. So do her friends Cheryl and the artist. Bet Mike will be seeing a few of them.

Another thinker, world traveler, gorgeous lady runs the Parody. We’re blog buddies with yet another blogger we enjoy. Link love shared all around.

Link Leak Out Powers Any A-List

Who says the A-Listers have all the power? A Link Leak doesn’t cost a thing, and it makes all of us B, C, and D list bloggers stronger. We become a force together with a web of linked up love. When’s your blog going to start leaking?

Mike Sigers started the Link Leak Virus from Eaton Ellsworth’s Blogtipping Idea. Want your name in the SOB HALL of FAME? Add your own Link Leak idea.

Joe will tell you It’s Nice to be Noticed. So come on now notice someone this weekend. Spread the Link Leak Epidemic. Link love adds to your property value.

Then contact the Small Office Herald and let Martin know.

–ME “Liz” Strauss

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  1. says

    Liz … you really do get it, and now we’re all holding on for the ride. Fun, isn’t it.

    PS: use your “in” with Darren at proB and get him to write this up. He won’t say no to you…

  2. says

    I can only hope he mentions it during his Blog-A-Thon, at an opportune time and gets us lots of readers, but I’m not gonna bet on it.

    I already linked the Link Leak Virus to his last request for Blog-A-Thon questions, several days ago, with no response so far.

    Maybe he will, but maybe he won’t. Won’t matter. We’ll make it to where we’re going either way.

  3. says

    That’s the spirit, Mike.

    He blogs it, he blogs it. He doesn’t we carry on. We’ll leak our links so much that the noise will be deafening.

    Anyways, he’s my sloppy wikipedia entry posted 5 minutes ago:

    Will obviously polish it up – of course anybody can have a go at editing/adding to it.

  4. says

    Thanks Martin !

    That was my first visit to wikipedia and I had no freakin’ clue as to what I was doing there, but I liked it !

  5. says

    Hey Mike,

    Wikipedia show’s “no article found” by that name. Is there some delay in posting?

    @Liz, Yeah, it really is nice to be noticed… Thanks


  6. says

    Hi Martin,
    The Wikipedia article is invisible now. Are you working on it??? Or did someone decide it didn’t belong?
    Let me know what happened. Would you?

  7. says

    Hi Marti!
    My blog had to bring you into the party. You know how to link love with the best of them. :) Yes, someone emailed me that a wonderful writer had left commented about me at Blogher . . . wonder who it might have been. 😉

  8. says

    It’s exciting to watch this idea grow – I think the blogtipping and the link leak virus (which I’m posting on today, Mike) are part of a bigger movement we can spearhead to make bloggers into better conversationalists. Using tools like coComment to track their conversations and ego feeds to track what others are saying about them or their topics of interest, bloggers thus become Bloggers in the fullest sense – that’s what so many peopel don’t get, is that we’re trying to leverage the technology to improve the speed and efficiency with which we work with other people – we’re not just writers who happen to type a few words on the Web.

  9. says

    You say that all so well. Bloggers together are something the print press will never be. A bunch of writers who can meet to discuss things and come to creative new ideas.

    We can also make a noisy coalition of people who care about each other, people who can make things happen.

    It’s not hard to make things happen when you’re willing to believe in each other.

  10. says

    Liz … Hmmm, you’re right. It was there and now it’s gone.

    Well, that kind o’ sucks! Looks like the powers that be at Wikipedia … well, suck!

    But then I guess based on ‘The Policy’…

    1. Articles should contain only material that has been published by reputable sources.

    2. Editors adding new material to an article should cite a reputable source, or it may be removed by any editor.

    I guess we’re not reputable and have been removed by any editor

    Ah well, maybe if we can get an A-Lister to write about link leak, would that make it reputable?

    The Link Leak Project continues … and now moves into another gear: “Get Link Leak into Wikipedia Now”

  11. says

    Hi Martin,
    I hear you. I wonder whether our dear friend Chartreuse might not know someone reputable in print???. He might you know.
    I’ll shoot him an email, if you will.

  12. says

    Yes Liz, I think getting Charteuse on board would be an excellent idea – seeing he leaks his links without fear or favor.

    That would be one small step to reputable status and one giant leap in the advancement of the Link Leak movement.

  13. says

    Hey Martin,
    I’ve sent an email to Brian and Chartreuse. Though I know they’re both busy on the weekends. Maybe Mike could corral Chris P. also. What do you think?


  14. says

    Hi Martin,
    I was just over there looking at how nicely the Herald is coming along. Love that new link you just put up. I hope everyone goes to visit it. The pix of Wikipedia alone is worth the click.

  15. says

    Thanks Liz, I think I’ve rekindled my blogging mojo with soHerald … some semi-serious small business writing/commentary with a dash of humor (or irony, or sarcacism or all of the above) thrown in.

    Anyhoo, I’ll let Link Leak rest for the day and get to work on keeping up to date with Net Neutrality.

    That and I got to get to bed right now: it’s 2.45am!!!

  16. says

    I can see it coalescing … I think my attempt to get “Blogtipping” into Wikipedia got shot down as well, for the same reason (plus I was accused of vanity – ouch) … but I can see why the Wikipedia doorkeepeers would react to me that way, seeing as how it’s always bombarded with spammish new proposals for articles and hey, I wrote the thing myself. But I was just naive, I guess – didn’t understand the rules. I’m not looking for any special glory for myself, but I DO want people to notice this little MovEMEnt we’ve got going and change their blogging habits as a result.

  17. says

    Well I kinda like the new virus :), altleast it helps people like us out.

    I hope some viruses like this hit my poor bloggers too, I am gonna write up something soon about it.

    Luv Liz always

  18. says

    No Worries Easton,
    I think it was the rule that it has to be published somewhere else first that got the whole thing ousted.
    We’ll get some credibility and then we’ll be there fair and square.


  19. says

    what? You mean, we can’t just make up words or phrases, and add it to the internet dictionary? Bummer. I guess I should hold off on writing the ‘definitive’ defination of .. the “Squeeky-red-rubber-ball-ball-toy” .. (athough my dogs will be disappointed)

  20. says

    Is AIN’T in the dictionary yet?

    It’s a term that is used every day
    Link-leak is here to stay.
    Whether a virus or flu bug it be
    Link-leak won’t go away.


  21. says


    As long as we stick together and continue to spread the link-leak virus, it is a Good Omen for us all.

    Make someone’s day today, give them the virus…


  22. says

    Yes definitely its better to be sick with other’s love rather than sulk in lonliness with no one’s attention.

    Why don’t some hacker release this virus on windows, atleast 90% of the browser users will make us sick :).


  23. says

    Hey Joe,

    Why don’t you get me infected today, i will love to inject you too with the deadly virus and make you sick too, LOL :).

    They say goodness starts at home, and I have Liz at my home already.


  24. says

    Hey Keith,

    You have been infected with the deadly link-leak virus.

    You even got a special update to today’s post. :-)


  25. says

    Ah Sasha,
    I didn’t say a single word that’s not true. Welcome to the Link Leak Project. Hope you enjoy the virus as much as we do.

  26. says

    I don’t know how you do it Liz…40 freakin’ comments…on one post !

    I leave you alone for a few hours and you spread the deadly virus everywhere !

    I appreciate all of you using the anchr text link leak or link leak virus. As soon as technorati’s had time to catch up, maybe we’ll see a lot of links to that tag.

    Linking to my definitive post will help, too.

    And remember on June 1, we have to all use Easton’s blogtipping as our anchor text.

    And, OBTW- wikipedia is persona non blogga for us all til they come around to our way of thinking.

    Maybe I need to do a PRWeb press release to get them to see the force of nature ( LIZ ! ) that’s secretly behind all of this and wields a mighty sword !

    I think they need one of those posts like Technorati got, Liz. Even if they don’t, I’d love to read it and you have several hundred new readers since that happened and they need to see you in action, too !

    C’mon Liz, I’ve got a 9:30 am golf match and when I get back late tomorrow I want to see the power in action !

  27. says

    Are you saying that I should take Wikipedia to task?
    I’m not sure what you’re asking. But I think that’s what I’m hearing.

    I’ve got a bit of work to do today. Let’s see what happens when I get that done. :)

  28. says

    I think the Knights, the Damsels and the Warriors should invade their little fifedom…when you have time.

    Their fifedom ain’t going anywhere, they’ll be there when you get time and inspiration.

  29. says

    Thassa one !

    they need some knights, warlocks, elves, dwarves, damsels and domm shoved up the pedia !

    I’m off to play golf and think of their impending doom !

  30. says

    Hey Liz,

    Would that be Wicked-pedia?
    You know… the one from the West.
    In your world of fiefdom,
    You always know best!


  31. says

    The problem is that when I spout,
    The words just seem to come out.
    But when I really try,
    By looking at the sky…

    I just get that same ole blank screen
    That happens to be blue, not green.

    Now I really gotta go,
    for the lawn I must now mow.


  32. says

    Yeah, this virus is actually constructive. 😮

    About Blogs being something printing presses can never be… I guess the biggest advantage is how cheap everything is, and how quickly we can share our new insights with others. It is literally a virus!

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