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Springtime Link Love

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It’s spring and a young person’s fancy turns to thoughts of . . . blogging. That’s why you’re here, isn’t it? The blogging version of spring would have to be link love. Ah link love . . . that warm, sweet connected feeling that you get when you click back to Technorati and see that incoming link that means someone loves YOU.

Well, wait a minute. For link love to be coming in, someone had to be sending it out. What is the advantage in doing THAT? Actually, if you know your SEO, there are some advantages to outlinking.

The Benefits of Outlinking

  • Outlinking to quality sites such as this one, and the others where I blog (grin, grin, grin), can add relevance to your own blog. The key is to link to quality blogs that your readers might also like. That gives your blog a more natural connection within the weblike structure of the Internet. It also boosts your ranking in cluster search engines such Teoma. I learned that from Wall’s SEO book.

    Google even checks your “neighborhood,” to see who’s in it. Want to see what Google sees?
    like this
    in the Google search box to see your Google neighborhood.

  • Outlinks provide a service to your readers. That’s great brand you and me relationship buildingstrategy. Readers will come back because they’ll see you as a source of information as well as a great read.
  • If you provide quality relevant content, those outlinks will be icing on the cake, making some readers more open to becoming friends with you and your blog. Yeah, an occasional person will be too busy or even be an aloof jerk about it. But most folks will be feeling great that you took an interest and think you’re really smart for choosing to link to their blog.
  • At some future point, some of those outlinks just might convert into links back to your blog. They’ll be natural links that came in over time and through process. Search engines will like that part the best of all.

How Do I Know?

I give away link love by the handfuls every week. It hasn’t hurt me yet. In fact, it feels great doing it, even on the days that no one notices. It’s like my own way of making sure the A-Listers don’t own the blogosphere–that we have our own link-love-fest in our own neighborhood.

Give away some link love this week to someone you admire. It’s free, it feels good, and you probably know more benefits of outlinking than the few I’ve listed.

And hey, it’s spring, when a young person’s fancy turns to thoughts of blogging . . . and golf. Isn’t golf about links? There ya go!

–ME “Liz” Strauss

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  1. says

    Oh, stop by my polblog, the link is in the sidebar on the main blog.

    There is something I read in my local paper in the entertainment section of all places, that got me PO’d.

    I know this is not a political forum, but this may interest you.


  2. says

    HI Jack,
    Thank you. I come from a place of abundance. There is plenty to go around and plenty comes back to me.

    One day someone will actually give me som paying work to do . . . :)


  3. says

    Yes Liz,

    You are so generous to link to us already.

    The links you give out, send out a part of your love to each of the person’s, so its feels great to be loved.

    And yea about the SEO thing, this is the first lesson they teach to new bloggers.


  4. says

    Hi Keith,
    Can’t be having any unloved bloggers out there. That would be a sad thing. They could go crazy and run amok.

    Besides I am a believer in the weblike structure of the Internet. Link Love seems to somehow keep the humanity and the connectedness of the virtual world in tact.


  5. says

    A subject that makes my lil head go all spinny and swimmy.

    I loves me some link love…too bad there are some scarcity minded dipweasels out there who hang on to their links like they hold on to their heart….way too tightly.

  6. says

    You know, Mr. Mike,
    I was thinking just this afternoon that one of our first conversations was about how much we agreed that link love should be free flowing. That was way back when i was a fine fool just learning how to be a Successful Blogger. This little blog had no design. There was no such thing as an SOB button–you hadn’t thought of it.

    Of course, there were plent of the old -ashioned kind of SOBs, but not the new and improved version. :)


  7. says

    I’m just here, Earth that is, to help and refine the mere mortals that The Almighty runs past my grill.

    If I helps you and you helps someone and they helps the next ones….well, everybody should have enough help.

    It’s when someone breaks the chain… hoards their love, talent or money…and denys the help they were supposed to give, to those who were assigned to them that the world gets off kilter and someone ends up in a poverty stricken state…financially, spiritually and blogally !

    ( I hate words and letters…I had to go thru that comment 5 times to finally see and fix all the errors. Dyslexia sucks…even when there’s only a little, bitty bit. )

  8. says

    Hey, I’m with you. I help you. You help the next guy. He help her and she help someone else. You’ve helped me a thousand times. Who am I not to help when someone asks. I should help before they even think of it. . . . then there are the jerks who only know how to ask. Pity them. Sooner or later folks just avoid ’em. We just can’t help it. :)

    Dyslexia does suck. No one knows that more than me and my brother, and my nephew, and the rest of us who have it.

  9. says

    So, let me see if I understand…Link Love is kinda like mojo, you tap in to the abundance of the Universe and the more you send out, the more there is to go around? Well count me in.

  10. says

    Hi Inner Sanctum,
    Welcome. Most folks would encourage you to use trackbacks. I know I do. I read your post and your reasons are good ones. Here are some you can add to your list.

    A track at this lets met know that you read what wrote and that you thought it was worth sharing with your readers.

    It says that you have something more say about what I said.

    It gets me interested in coming to see what that might be.

    It gets my readers interested in coming over too. :)

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