Motivation on a Moment’s Notice

By Elaine Love

How do you keep yourself motivated when inspiration seems to be hiding under the Oriental rug in your office?

A few weeks ago, Tiffany Matthews detailed suggestions to “Beat Writer’s Block with These Simple Tips.” Absolutely trips and exercise change the perspective and refresh the spirit. What if you have a pressing deadline and you need an immediate energy infusion?

Perhaps these suggestions will release your frozen fingers from the keyboard and allow the words to flow again.

Pictures of Loved Ones

When I am in word deficit and needing a quick burst of inspiration, all it takes is one glance up at the top of my roll top desk and smile at the pictures of my blond curly headed grandsons. One peek at their innocent impish grins and it is easier remember the purpose of writing is to inspire, empower and improve the lives of the readers.

Think about the fun moments with them and the lessons you both learned from your shared adventures. There is always a glimmer of inspiration in memories. It may be the brain boost you need to refresh your spirit and thus your keystrokes.


Darren LaCroix, 2001 World Champion of Public Speaking, listens to Tina Turner’s “Simply the Best” and the epitome of testosterone, “The Theme from Rocky” before he delivers a major keynote speech. Music gives him energy to give his very best to the audience. Isn’t that what we do as writers, give our very best to our audiences? Many network marketers put on rousing tunes to accelerate their adrenaline before picking up the phone for morning calls.

What music frees your mind, engages your energy, and opens the door to creativity? For me it is Josh Groban or Andrea Bocelli; there is something magical about a romantic Italian with a beautiful voice.

Success CD

When my eyes open of a morning it is time to pull on the exercise tights and a sweatshirt, grab a quart of Smart water and head for the treadmill. The exercise invigorates my body. The CD player on the stand by the treadmill contains the latest CD from Success magazine or the newest Success book summary CD. There is always a wealth of inspiration packed in those audio discs.

Keep a notepad handy. Hit pause on the treadmill and jot a fast note to yourself. You may be coordinated enough to write while walking or running on the treadmill. Either my handwriting would not be legible or I would fall off the machine; jumping off to write seems to work better.

Step outside

One deep breath of fresh Colorado mountain air clears the mental cobwebs and relaxes the mind. Watching a doe with a tiny spotted fawn having lunch on my neighbor’s perfectly trimmed shrubbery can cause a smile to cross my face.

Sometimes all it takes is a tiny mental break to refresh the spirit and free the mind.

Author’s Bio: At home in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, Elaine Love writes about small business and the mindset for success so essential for an entrepreneur. She is the author of Emotional Ice Water. Find her on Twitter: @elainelove44 or

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