MUST HAVE: Content Theft Series

This is more than a GREAT FIND. It’s a MUST HAVE. It’s going straight into the survival kit. Lorelle from WordPress has put together an amazing series of documents replete with facts on copyright and intellectual property that every blogger should have at his or her fingertips.

Great Find: What Do You Do When Someone Steals Your Content by Lorrell at WordPress
Type of Article: series on content theft
Target Audience: Anyone who puts content on the Internet

Content: Lorrell at WordPress, one of my personal heroes and a highly respected web journalist, did extensive research to pull together a series of three documents on what to do when you find yourself in the unhappy situation of having your content stolen, hijacked from your blog or website. The series goes deep with uncountable links and resources. Her advice is straightforward and crystal clear. The series covers the topic completely. I’ll let her describe it.

This is the first of three articles. This article covers tips, information and resources to help you deal with copyright infringement, the theft of your blog or website content. The second article includes helpful links and resources for finding stolen content and copyright infringements. The last article in the series examines the growing trends in content theft such as image hotlinking, website hijacking, and abusive use of feeds to replace original content without permission, as well as other copyright infringements on the rise.

Lorrell takes you through each part with step-by-step advice and sends you to the experts for more information. I’ve taken classes on copyright that didn’t cover the subject nearly this well.

Do yourself and your content the favor of checking this out. Click the screenshot to get started.

What Do You Do When Someone Steals Your Content?

Part 2: Finding Stolen Content and Copyright Infringements

Part 3: The Growing Trends in Content Theft

I need to write a poem to Lorrell at WordPress like I did for Improbulus.

Some of you must have had experience with content theft already. What happened? What did you do about it?

–ME “Liz” Strauss

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  1. says

    Thanks for the nice words. I think that anyone who fights back, who responds with even the smallest email to stop the theft of their content, artwork, photographs, and writing are the true heros. The more we bring this to people’s attention, the more we fight back, the more we help educate people, the more people will know and the less work this will be for all of us.

    Those of us suffering from the theft of our content are not alone. We are many and we can be one, united to help increase awareness.

    Thanks for helping spread the word!

  2. says

    Hi Lorrelle!
    I appreciate your work on this. It goes so deep and broad. Everything you say in your comment is worth and underscore, a big circle and a bunch of stars around it.

    Thanks for all you do to make our lives easier.

  3. says

    I, too, appreciate this blog series.

    Last week, I happened to find my content on another blog, requested removal, and it was done.

    Removal isn’t always that easy. I’ll keep the series bookmarked for future reference.

  4. says

    Hi Shirley!
    Good to hear that your experience was an easy one. Glad to know that I could pass on Lorrell’s really well-put together work on the subject. it’s a fabulous resource that I hope you’ll never need.


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