Do You Own What You Know?

It’s Time to Owm What You Know

I’ve been getting more and more chances to talk with you about what you’re doing and I see so much that adds up to so much. It’s hard to miss how many of us are making things happen in huge and outstanding ways. The pile of accomplishment between us is higher than 23 school buses stacked up toward the sky.

One question troubles me … Why do so many of us seem aware of everyone’s accomplishments except their own?
It’s important to own what you know.

Take Ten Minutes to Catch Up With Yourself

When I ask you what you’re doing, do you discount the far road you come?

Everyone of us came to be who we are without a practice session or a lesson plan. We’re learning to build our future as we live each day. What we forget is that our lives aren’t dependent on what the guy next to us does.

Does the guy next to you seem to have more ideas? Does the woman down the street have a more impressive blog or a longer client list? When we concentrate on what we’re not doing, soon enough the world gets out of control and we start feeling less than small.

Would you do me a favor? Take ten minutes to reflect on where you were a few months ago. You know more about yourself, your life, and if you look to your strengths, you also know more about what you can do.

If you never reflect on what you’ve accomplished in the last few months, you could still be walking into a room thinking you’re the person you were in 2011 or maybe even who you were in 2010, rather than the person who’s done all you’ve done since then.

Take 10 minutes to catch up with yourself.
What have you done in the last year that you’ve not owned up to?

Owning your accomplishments is irresistible.

Be irresistible.
–ME “Liz” Strauss


  1. says

    Hi Liz,

    How are you doing?

    Thank you for your very timely post on this – yes, I really do need to catch up with myself (and I probably need more than 10 mins to do that!)

    Its funny when we come out of a patch of very busy work that we start looking (in envy) at others’ achievements, but fail to acknowledge all the effort we put in into our own stuff, isn’t it?

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