Pre-Holiday Season Reality Check – 5 Ways to Stay Healthy

Rosemary O’Neill


Pre-Holiday Season Reality Check – 5 Ways to Stay Healthy

Your most important business asset is your own physical health, especially if you are an entrepreneur or small business owner. That asset must be cared for, if you’re trying to build a long-lasting enterprise and leave your own “dent” in the universe.

We are heading into a season in which there will be a lot of opportunities to go totally “off the charts” with perfectionism, food temptations, squeezing work in between family obligations, and parties. All of these things can lead to a worn down, tired, guilty mess of a body.

We’re friends by now, right?

Let’s agree to the following principles, and enjoy the season that’s coming. We’ll emerge into 2013 ready to take names and kick butt.

  • I will set aside time to move
    Exercise, even if it’s just an after dinner walk with your visitors. (No, sprinting down the aisle of Wal-Mart doesn’t really count.) Consider checking into some of the cool technology that’s available to track your daily exertion, like Fitbit or the Nike Fuelband.
  • I will keep my brain in shape too
    While you’re out of the office and relaxing, take some time to exercise your “brain muscle” too. Do some puzzles, or use a fun online service like Lumosity or Read-It-For-Me to stay sharp.
  • I will assess my home office
    If you’re spending more time working from home over the holidays, take a moment to assess the ergonomics of your work space. If you’re one of the many who work solely on a laptop, you need to get a detachable monitor and keyboard to achieve the proper angles and avoid back/neck strain.
  • I will not skip meals
    Just because you went to Aunt Betty’s massive Thanksgiving spread doesn’t mean you should skip lunch the next day. If you overindulge, just make sure your next few meals are smaller and more healthy. The food you eat is like fuel in your tank. You might need a few bowls of oatmeal to counteract the slab of pumpkin cheesecake.
  • I will fill up my love tank
    One of the Real Housewives of Orange County is always talking about her “love tank” being on empty. We don’t want to become a sad Real Housewife. Use precious family time to fully focus on your spouse, your children, your relationships. Put away the devices and make eye contact. Get some hugs, and give some too, to fill the tank.

What are your best strategies to stay on track during the holiday season?

Author’s Bio: Rosemary O’Neill is an insightful spirit who works for social strata — a top ten company to work for on the Internet . Check out the Social Strata blog. You can find Rosemary on Google+ and on Twitter as @rhogroupee

Thank you, Rosemary!

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