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In an hour or so, I move my computer downtown to a hotel in Chicago while I attend a literacy convention. I know. I know. I live here. I could stay at home.

It’s a bit of a financial hit. Convention hotels in Chicago aren’t particularly inexpensive, but I see it as an investment in my customers and myself.

It’s hard enough to give my clients my undivided attention at a convention of 15,000 attendees. I want to have the flexibility to be at their exhibit booth when meetings inevitably are rescheduled. I want to be around for the after-hours events when relationships become real.

An adage in publishing, perhaps in every business, says:

Quality. Schedule. Budget. Pick Two.

What’s the right choice? Is it always the same two?

Besides it will be fun, sending you notes from the convention. Any advice you have for me while I’m there?

–ME “Liz” Strauss

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  1. says

    A bit like: “all the good stuff is in the comments” … at conventions and expos as you say, it’s the after-hour events where the real work can be done.

    And nothing beats getting together with like-minded inustry folks in a hotel setting (especially out of town).

    Ahhh, now you got me reminiscing. Not enough conventions down here. Nothing beats a freelance journalisim gig for an out of town convention. May ’05 was my last one … I’m getting itchy for another 😉

    Work hard Liz … but also play a little :-)

  2. says

    Hi Martin,
    It’s back on the trusty laptop again. Seems like the good old days, just a bit.

    This is the convention that I meet up with all my friends from OZ, so I’ll practice my Aussie talk while I’m here–dress, gown, frock, jumper, sweater.

    Already have a smiling example of the doorman at the hotel–great customer service there.

    Thanks for your well wishes. I’ll hunt down some nachos in your honor.

  3. says

    Another blogger I read said she was attending – Yvonne DiCarlo of Lip Sticking If you see her, say, “Marti says Hi!”
    Freak her out – LOL

    I should tell her to interview you! She does, “Smart Women Online” and YOU my dear, certainly qualify!

    Best wishes to you – have a blast!

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