Questions to Get Closer to You Question 25

Get Closer to You

This is a series of questions, I don’t know how many. They are the ones I ask when I help folks get closer to their personal identity.

What are you NOT doing right now that is causing you to miss opportunities?

< I'll answer first to get things started. --ME "Liz" Strauss Check out the Work with Liz!! page in the sidebar.

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  1. says

    What I’m not doing right now … is writing up what I’ve done in the last year so that I can claim it and leverage it moving forward.

    Going to change that soon. :)

    Your turn.

  2. says

    Looks like we are on the same page Liz…

    Data collected over the years is being reclaimed and leveraged for future opportunities.

    Thank you for your gentle reminded :)

  3. says

    What I’m not doing right now is sharing ALL that I’m thinking/doing w a business strategy w my “advisors” – it’s the deep down thoughts that I sometimes fear others will think just too crazy/unproductive that I don’t share …. Reality is that I need to get them all out – not to be gross but I think of it as “throwing them up” – By not doing so …. it’s kind of like being selfish in a business sense…. imho …. not giving others the opportunity to “guide” me accordingly …

    Just by sharing this with you right now….. I’m moving in the right direction :)

    Liz, I think of “writing up” – kind of like a “business journalling” :) – me… probably will do a video summary every nite … thanks for sharing your truth! :) helps me….


  4. says

    Hi Dr. Rae!
    I think we’re all having trouble keeping up with how fast we’re learning and growing. It works against us to walk into a room thinking of ourselves as who we were rather than who we are now. I’m working that one. :)

  5. says

    Hi Cate!
    Getting our ideas out is important to progress … otherwise we end up questioning ourselves. That leads us to lose confidence. People sense when we don’t trust our own thinking. Get those ideas out where you can see them, play with them, and keep or reject them. :)

  6. says

    What I’m not doing is getting my marketing calendar in place for my own company. Hitting deadlines and doing my best for clients mean we come last. No calendar means no personalization and results in mediocre messaging.

    • says

      Hi Michael!
      Yep, I hear you. The bandwidth to promote our own work and still pay the rent is a constant fight. Some say it’s time to raise prices when it rears its head. What do you think?

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