August 1-2, 2008 — Site Meter Code Crashes Thousands of Blogs

This Blog Was One of Them

The Living Web

Apologies to anyone who tried to visit this blog using IE6 or IE7 last night. Site meter code was bring down this site whenever it was loaded by those browsers.

Thousands of sites including b5media sites and use site meter code as part of their tracking an analytics.

What to do if this is happening on your blog?

Remove the site meter code and paste it into a notepad document. It’s usually placed in the header or the fooler and is bookmarked with

Then visit using Internet Explorer. Makes sense that when their error is gone, yours will also be.

Thanks to Darren Paul, Consumer/Lifestyle Publicist for the email this morning about this.
Hat tip to oneprojectcloser for the verification.

–ME “Liz” Strauss
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  1. says

    I about had a panic attack last night when I realized my blog couldn’t be opened using IE. I hope Site Meter gets the problem fixed soon. A lot of sites use it!

  2. says

    Using the html only version of your sitemeter code should be a decent workaround — keep tracking stats without the IE error.

    Login to your sitemeter account and go to Manager > HTML Code. Use the “Regular HTML” code.

    If you look closely, you just want the image link that’s between the “noscript” tags of the original sitemeter code.

  3. says

    I also slightly panicked when my blog couldn’t function properly! I contacted who my blog is with and they were very quick in their reply and solution.

    It was really interesting reading some of the solutions to rectify the problem.


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