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We offer the best in thinking–articles on the business of blogging written by the Successful and Outstanding Bloggers of Successful Blog. Click on the titles to enjoy each selection.

The Specials this Week are

Don’t take out your tools to answer the question posed by Creating Passionate Users.

Seth’s Blog states the two things most folks get from blogging.

Marketing Profs ask about whether we’re paying attention to our readers.

Copyblogger suggests a Roman statesman as your next blog consultant.

9:o1am diggs up another kind of trademark story.

Problogger offers the fine points to blog conversation.

Related ala carte selections include

Word Sell has age old advice about Search Engine Marketing.

Sit back. Enjoy your read. Nachos and drinks will be right over. Stay as long as you like. No tips required. Comments appreciated.

Have a great weekend!

–ME “Liz” Strauss


  1. says

    Thanks for the mention, Liz. I enjoyed reading all those other articles. Copyblogger’s points about putting yourself in the reader’s shoes (or sandals) is something I can’t hear too often. So easy to forget. Most business Web site content is woefully lacking when it comes to really connecting with customers–don’t you think?

  2. says

    Nice links, Liz! I’ve really enjoyed the read, especially Search Engine Marketing–Size Doesn’t Matter. No nachos though… I had to do with potato chips.

    Seth asked a very pertinent question. But I think the answer is “yes”. Many things we don’t read still exist… They don’t exist for us, (or for the readers), but they are still there. I mean… we cannot even see all the stars in the skies, but they are there, waiting for us to discover them. Does this make any sense?

    Anyway, Seth’s advice is, as usual,priceless.

  3. says

    Hi Brad!
    I didn’t know whether you’d notice or be still gone for a few days! Glad to see you!

    I think we don’t think about readers enough even if we dream about them. :)

  4. says

    How cool, Mihaela, that’s Brad’s blog you’re talking about — Word Sell!

    I think your comment makes complete sense, but Seth’s point probably wasn’t meant to be that literal. I wondered myself why he choose that title?

  5. says

    Tools are making us more dependant i’d say..we should know how and why stuff still works.

    And posting for me is a personal thing, if someone reads it and comments all the better!


    Great finds Liz.

  6. says

    Hi TechZ,
    I agree with what you are saying about tools. I’ve decided a while back that I need fewer tools. Posting for me is about what my thought are and where the blog is going over all.

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