SOB Business Cafe 03-02-07

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Welcome to the SOB Cafe

We offer the best in thinking–articles on the business of blogging written by the Successful and Outstanding Bloggers of Successful Blog. Click on the titles to enjoy each selection.

The Specials this Week are

Logic + Emotion shares a thoughtful discussion.

Lorelle on WordPress offers a revue of reviews on WP plug-ins.

Design Your Writing Life continues the conversation about who decides we are writers.

Carpe Factum worries about our childishness.

SuccessCREEations has been studying the financials.

Spooky Action offers some thought-breaking statistics.

Related ala carte selections include

Business Blogwire has a new initiative to improve 100 blogs.

Sit back. Enjoy your read. Nachos and drinks will be right over. Stay as long as you like. No tips required. Comments appreciated.

Have a great weekend!

–ME “Liz” Strauss


  1. says

    I vote Tim Johnson for the best headline of the week! And there are a bunch of good ones here. Mike’s is a very close runner up! But I’m even more partial to bathroom humor than I am to ice cream. 😉

    Thanks for sharing these, Liz.

  2. says

    Thanks, Liz, for the link love. It’s always an honor to make your cafe list.

    And thanks, Chris, for the “best headline” vote. I’m not sure what I enjoy more: writing the post or figuring out the title.

    Carpe Factum!!

  3. says

    Hi Chris and Tim!
    Yeah this is a fun week. Chris I had no idea of your preference for bathroom humor. :)

    Tim keep headlines coming . . . Chris needs a great lugh with all of the work he does. :)

  4. says

    Hey guys,

    This tiara I’m wearing is a little heavy! Ah, ah, ah, don’t touch. I like heavy.

    Liz, you’re such a generous teacher. :)

    Speaking of headlines, Tim’s is great. Right up there with Doc Searls, I’d say.

    Linklove to all of you.

  5. says


    Thanks so much for the link, and Chris, the best headline contest is a no-brainer this week!

    Which kind of describes my commenting activity around here…


  6. says

    I may be in need for a diaper change. I’m also interested in “Who says you’re a writer.” All great headlines Liz. I opened four of them into tabs. Not to bad.

    Have a great weekend Liz!


  7. says

    Great assortment of goodies, as usual!!!

    I have to agree with everyone on the best headline. Not only was that headline great, but the post was too!!!

  8. says

    Hi Ann!
    How wonderful to see you. Sorry about your HP experience. HP thinks all of its customers are businesses. It always has. We owned an HP in 1985 and it was like that then.

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