August 4, 2006

SOB Business Cafe 08-04-2006

published this at 12:32 pm

SB Cafe

Welcome to the SOB Cafe

We offer the best in thinking–articles on the business of blogging written by the Successful and Outstanding Bloggers of Successful Blog. Click on the title shots to enjoy each selection.

The Specials this Week are

Darren Rowse offers an interview with Dave Sifry on Blogging Popularity.

Dave Sifry on Making Your Blog Popular

Mike Sansone considers whether blogging can be called a conversation . .. really.

 Is Blogging Really a Conversation

Christine Kane lays out 7 great reasons why you should forget about email until after noon.

 7 Great Reasons Not to Check Email til Noon

Scot Herrick has a fabulous read on creativity and innovation as a strategy in today’s Cubicle Nation.

Creativity and Innovation Series

Ann Michael has Google’s number laid out in keywords.

Google Are Key Words King

Related ala carte selections include

Minic Rivera has some Blogging Times News for Artists.

 Gawker Offers Free Ad Space to Artists

Please know that I include this last because everyone should see Susan Reynold’s wonderful art. Do click on it to see it full size. The image is amazing.

Susan's Wonderful Art

Sit back. Enjoy your read. Nachos and drinks will be right over. Stay as long as you like.
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Have a great weekend!

–ME “Liz” Strauss

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