August 20, 2010

SOB Business Cafe 08-20-10

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The Specials this Week are

PR Squared
Andrea had been with us for 3 years, and in that brief amount of time — since she was a rockstar — she climbed the ranks from quiet, mousy intern to Senior Account Executive.

Achieving Balance or How We Lost Andrea

Web Worker Daily
Is there an area of your life or business where you just can’t seem to get a grip? You try and try, but can never seem to fix it.

What’s Stopping You?

Riding on Dragons
For years I believed something I was told by experts that now appears to be wrong. Which brings up lots of questions.

What It Takes To Change My Mind

Pick the Brain
Have you ever wondered why some people are able to weather financial upheaval without breaking a sweat and have confidence to spare when it comes to taking risks such as starting their own business or taking a year off to travel without an enormous safety net?

Why Optimists Prosper

Servant of Chaos
So, it is with some joy I came across Heather LeFevre’s Planner Survey for 2010. It covers the industry from top to tail – sharing details of salaries, roles, locations and so on. It captures what planners think of their jobs, why they stay, why they go – and who they think is doing the best work. It also lists a bunch of people who the community rate – not because they are famous, but because they get on with the challenge of producing good work.

Respect for the Community Builders

Related ala carte selections include

Barry Moltz
Congratulations Barry!

The Rules for Business Partners

over. Stay as long as you like. No tips required. Comments appreciated.

–ME “Liz” Strauss

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2 Comments to “SOB Business Cafe 08-20-10”

  1. August 20th, 2010 at 9:34 pm
    Barry Moltz said

    Thanks Liz for the callout- I am a loyal reader!

  2. August 21st, 2010 at 9:15 am
    Debbi Morello said

    Since getting on Twitter and learning so much more about this aspect of communications, strategy, etc. I have connected with the cream of the crop. Here :-) I have been thinking about writing a Blog, and becoming more and more inspired to do so!

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