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The $350 Is Going Away April 1

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Now that the details are set and the wheels are all rolling in the same direction, I’d like to bring you into some decisions as we make them. Later, I’m planning to share how the SoBCon08 came to be as it is and the future we see it unfolding.

We need to put an April 1 end date on the $350 registration fee for the folks who came to SOBCon last year.

The reasoning is simple. We care about the event and the experience deliver. We know what made it awesome last year. We were after the best wifi, a business venue, a location downtown, reasonable hotels, and a way that we might “hang out” close enough together.

We succeeded.

As in last year, our goal for this event has never been to make uber profits, but maybe you should know that every person attending, speaker, sponsor, Terry, me, and all participants cost us $300/head in fees.

Why are we doing it?

  • We know that behind every great business are three things, great people, great tools and models, and solid decisions. Models, masterminds, and mastery is what builds dreams.
  • It’s not for the money. Truth is, though, we’re getting a fabulous deal. We’re just passing the price onto you. (A business markup would put this conference cost at $900+.)
  • We made a decision to built something better than last year and deliver it to you.

You’ve watch exactly how making decisions and getting determined has put my business on concrete. Isn’t it this the year you were going to do the same thing?

Are you up to the challenge?

Drop the Details, Decide

Planning a conference is a lot like planning a wedding reception. Everyone thinks, “Oh it doesn’t matter if I RSVP.” But business is about being able to make a decision. We made our decisions. Can you make yours?

Would you invest one day of experts, models, and teamwork to build your business around your strengths, your situation, and where you want to be?

Success is a decision.

Karen at bestwellnessconsultant [@] gmail [dot]com has volunteered to help coordinate a list of roommates for those who are looking.

Southwest has some great airfares. They also require a decision.

SOBCon08: Stop the Noise, Drop the Details, DECIDE YOUR BUSINESS

Work with Liz!! SOBCon08 is May 2,3,4 in Chicago. Register now!

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