Stand Out From the Crowd: 5 Personal Branding Tips for Entrepreneurs

By Ava Morrison

Entrepreneurs often become the public faces of their companies. Follow these five branding tips to build a reputation for yourself as well as your company.

Branding Tip #1: Use a Consistent Voice That Emphasizes Your Identity

Consistency is a key component to effective branding, especially when it comes to the voice and personality that you portray online. No matter what platforms you use, you want to maintain a voice that your fans and followers can easily identify.

Assuming that you have a personality that your target audience will like, you just have to be yourself. Everyone has off days, though. Always read over your posts and tweets before sending them out. You don’t want to distance your fans just because you’re having a bad day.

Branding Tip #2: Establish Your Twitter Handle

Twitter is a great branding tool that lets you send out short messages to your followers. You can use it to comment on current events, mention upcoming promotions for your business, or just make random observations about the world.

Justin Bieber has the world’s most popular Twitter account. That’s partially because he’s one of the world’s most popular entertainers. Give the young man some credit, though. He uses the Twitter machine to deliver positive messages daily. He releases info about his own work, but he also promotes other stars and lesser-known artists.

Even if you’re not a fan, following his Twitter feed will show you how to use the platform well.

Branding Tip #3: Register Your Own Name as a Website Domain

Having your own domain name makes it easier for you to separate yourself from similar entrepreneurs. Many people use their websites to showcase their careers. You can also use it to help people connect to the other platforms that you use, like Facebook and Twitter.

You don’t have to spend a ton of money registering a .com domain. For example, the popular Pastor Ed Young uses a .info page that provides information about himself and his work. It’s basically a comprehensive biography of his work and life.

He also has a .com page that emphasizes his entrepreneurial activities, such as book sales and speaking tours. That’s important, but his personal page offers straight-forward branding that avoids direct advertising.

Branding Tip #4: Update Your Blog Frequently

Your blog gives you a chance to talk about any topic that interests you. You’re not limited to 140 characters like you are with Twitter. Plus, you can use your blog content to push readers towards your static webpage.

Like any other type of branding, make sure you use a consistent voice that describes the world from your point of view.

Branding Tip #5: Use Social Media to Get More Followers

Currently, Facebook has more active users than any other social media platform. Having a personal page that’s separate from your business page will let you keep in contact with your fans and colleagues.

Facebook is a great tool because it can help you attract fans for your other social media pages and websites, too. Post YouTube videos, blog entries, and Twitter messages to Facebook to reach more people.

What other branding tips should entrepreneurs follow? Have you found online platforms that you like more than those mentioned above?

Author’s Bio: Ava is a freelance writer who resides in Tampa, FL. She likes to travel, workout and spend time with the people she loves.


  1. says


    Entrepreneurs often become the public faces of their companies… I do agree to that. Above tips are very easy to do , only needs time, effort and a little bit patience. Honesty is the best policy still. People will trust us/our business if we deal with them honestly giving them no reason to doubt us/our products and all. I do love those tips. Easy yet no doubt effective.

  2. jackie says

    Hi there, I love branding tip#3, but how do you register your name as a domain? I mean I know how to register a business name “aka” but how do you do your actual name? thanks a bunch!!
    ontario canada

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